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Press Release

Sheik Halal Farms Now Selling Halal Chicken

Sheik Halal Farms, the only Muslim owned halal chicken processing plant in the whole province of Ontario, Canada, is offering hand slaughtered poultry including halal chicken. Its mission is to continuously provide products that are hand slaughtered according to the rites of Islam, are guaranteed to be inspected by the Ontario government, and are competitively priced without sacrificing quality. They are also grateful to be able to uphold and strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Holy Qur'an.

Since 1996, Sheik Halal Farms started as a specialty farming business involved in growing and producing halal poultry products for Toronto, the greater Toronto area and Ottawa. Soon, they ventured into other meat products and continuously flourished over the years as one of the leading slaughter houses in Canada.

With keen observance of following the rules of Islam, Sheik Halal Farms gives emphasis in the entire production process based on three aspects: Halal, Freshness, and Quality. Their halal products not only come with a reassurance of the Islamic values, but also the promise of healthier and better quality food products in comparison with those slaughtered by normal methods. The poultry products of Sheik Halal Farms are processed at their slaughter house in Grand Valley, Ontario which include gaming birds, ducks, heavy hens, roosters, chicken and fowls. On the other hand, their meat products are purchased from the leading, hand slaughtered halal slaughterhouses in Ontario.

Meanwhile, Mike Khan, a representative of the company said: "We, at Sheik Halal Farms, know that in order to serve Allah, we must serve his creation. By providing healthier halal options for the people, we feel that we are doing something good for them even in our own little ways. Health is wealth and we believe that our products can make anyone healthy in every way."

In their website at, anyone can order fresh, healthy and high quality meats with just one click. Their current product offerings include organic chicken, roosters, drakes, chicken leg quarters, free range chicken, duck hens and whole lot more.


Contact Sheik Halal Farms:

Mike Khan
Sheik Halal Farms Inc. 12 Steinway Boulevard, unit 18, Etobicoke, Ontario. M9W 6M5 Canada.

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