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Press Release

Naturals For Animals Publishes Article On The Real Cause Of Dog Skin Problems

Susan R Griffin, who is the spokesperson for the company Naturals For Animals, has announced that they recently published an article on their website explaining the real causes for dog skin problems. She encourages all dog lovers to read it, as she feels the information is vital for the coming summer.

In their latest article, they explained that the most important thing pet owners need to realize is that itchy, flaky smelly skin, fleas, allergies and other common health problems such as chronic eye and ear problems, are all symptoms of a problem and not the actual cause. She added that the main cause for these problems is a pets "weakened or overtaxed immune system".

The article goes on to explain that all of the traditional veterinary treatments that pet owners use actually contribute, and in many cases, cause further problems. Once the drugs and chemicals make their way into a pet's system, their liver, kidneys and skin eliminates them from the body. When this happens, the symptoms can become worse, and a pet's vital organs can be permanently damaged.

The Article by Holistic Pet Care Consultant, Susan R Griffin is important because it explains to pet owners why they should be working with nature and not against it. She added that nature knows how to solve many problems, because that is just the way the laws of nature are set up. This example can be seen where the article talks about the flea,

"Take the flea for example. This little creature is a pest, a parasite, but like everything else in creation, it has a purpose. A parasite's purpose is to eliminate the weak and infirm from the gene pool and the food chain. It doesn't care that the weak animal is your beloved pet, it's just doing its job! If your pet is maximally healthy through eating a high quality natural diet..."

Another section in the article that readers will find interesting and disturbing, said Susan, is what the food industry did with regards to labeling standards. She added that pet owners need to open their eyes and not be influenced by a lot of the disinformation that is going around on the media. With regards to the section on food labels, the article makes the following conclusion,

Four D meats (dead, diseased, dying and disabled), and by-products; "Yummy! Is it any wonder that the incidents of cancer and other diseases are on the rise in our pets as well as skin problems? READ THE LABELS on your pets food. Knowing what you know now, do you really want to feed it to him for dinner?"

Naturals For Animals sells a product called Critters Oil, which has a blend of 15 essential oils that can be used for animals, people, lawns, gardens, homes, kennels, stables and many other situations. Critter Oil also available on Amazon. The product can be used to make a shampoo and spray for itch relief, and is perfect for skin and coat conditioning, whitening and deodorizing; a carpet powder and a lawn spray and environmental treatment. For those would like more information on Critters Oil, please visit their web site. If you would like to connect to others interrested in totally natural pet care, you are encouraged to go to their Facebook page, which can be found by clicking the following FaceBook link.


Contact Naturals For Animals:

Susan R Griffin
514 37th St North St Petersburg, FL 33713

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