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Obama Shifts Policy Proposals to Align With Right Wing Values; Non-Profit Sector Gears up to Take More Prominent Role in Social Welfare

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Washington DC (Vocus/PRWEB) March 13, 2011

Soon after former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi passed the gavel to John Boehner--who rode a GOP landslide victory into the House speaker's chair late last year--many analysts in the non-profit sector began to voice concerns that the Obama administration was being blindsided by a Republican majority. The twist, says Vincent Everett (CEO Works of Life International Ministries), is that many members in non-profit community actually think that a Republican-lead congress promotes social and economic health in the US; What's troubling is that although President Obama is proposing economic policies that align more and more with Republican sentiments, he's doing in a way that hinders national economic recovery.

"Even before the congressional elections last year, the non-profit world predicted that if Republicans took control of the House or Senate, President Obama would quickly refashion his policies to reflect Right wing values," says Everett.

The Works of Life CEO is one among many leading figures in charity organizing and public works who has seen first hand how shifts in Washington affect the non-profit sector; "Without an oppositional force in the legislative branch," adds Everett, "a lot of the policies that Obama was proposing--which ended up being rejected--would have spelled disaster for charitable giving in the US and the non-profit sector in general."

When asked how the Obama administration is detrimental to non-governmental charitable organizations Everett mentioned that it goes back to the age-old struggle between big government Left and small government Right. "At the beginning of his presidency many non-profit organizations worried that the size of the federal government would expand, as Obama wanted. The President also wanted to raise taxes forcing hard working Americans to pay for massive government-run social welfare programs, which over the years have proven to be overly bureaucratic and painfully ineffective," says Everett.

According to Everett, allowing Obama to pass big-government bills would mean that community organizers and entrepreneurs--who are important on the road to national economic recovery--would be out of a job. And the reason?

"Folks would be forced to spend more on taxes to help fuel large and bungling government programs. People who have been in the non-profit sector for years, who are experts at what they do and actually deliver results--would fall by the wayside, pushed aside by Obama's policies. It's like asking people to support a grass roots organization after you've taken their money away," mentions Everett.

But with the arrival of a new class of congressional appointees, asks the Works of Life Chief Executive, could it be that Washington is now more non-profit friendly?

Yes, says Director of Works of Life Don Smith. "People make the mistake of thinking that budget cuts to social programs means that those kinds of programs wont exist. No. They will exist. But they'll be run by non-profit organizations by people who actually know what they're doing."

Smith adds, "A long time ago when I had to choose between government and non-profit work, it didn't make any sense to me to be part of a government organization that would be subject to frequent and volatile shifts in power."

Smith and Everett are members of the Works of Life non-profit, faith-based,non-denominational charitable organization. Together with the With Causes charitable network, Works of Life has garnered the support of thousands of philanthropists across the US and have been mentioned in Forbes magazine, Huffington Post, and USA Today. The organization has been in operation for over ten years and has accepts a variety of charitable donations that directly benefit many worthy charitable causes world wide.

Says Everett: "We've gotten attention from several major news agencies because of our consistent level of effectiveness and innovation in the world of charitable giving. We encourage more Americans to give in whatever way they can. We have received charitable car donations, charity boat and yacht donations, and even real estate and air craft donations from many Americans who want to give back to their community while at the same time getting rid of assets that they no longer wish to own."

For the Works of Life executive, creativity and innovation are things that were threatened by the Obama administration: "Although limiting government spending and stopping tax increases is marvelous for non-profits, and for the overall health of the economy, Obama is still playing a game of tug-of-war with Congress. Many people in the non-profit world think of Obama as a President with no moral spine-- Yes, he'll propose ineffective policies that no body wants, but nevertheless he is aligning with the Right. He is just getting in the way of folks who have devoted their lives to public service," states Everett.

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About With Causes/ Works of Life Intl. Ministries Inc.:

Operating since 2002 Works of Life is a non-profit, non-denominational faith-based charitable organization that provides charitable works for other like-minded organizations in the form of endowments, grants and much, much more.

Their clients range from social service agencies to private non-profits, hospitals and more importantly individuals with special needs including victims of crime, military families, those with physical challenges and victims of abuse.

Works of Life has enjoyed a successful relationship with many like-minded charitable Organizations, developing residential based programs for those interested in Ministering to others but limited physically in doing so.

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