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Press Release

Serious Ice Melt Shortage in the USA for Winter 2014-2015 Season

It's making headlines and is big, BIG news

Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2014 -- This winter there is going to be a severe shortage of Ice Melt. Merchants and distribution centers are already struggling to keep up the current supply. Many more have already sold out and cannot get more!

Reasons For Shortage

Much of the reason for these shortages is because of problems in acquiring the ingredients that ice melters are manufactured from. Stock already is low because of the widespread need from last year. Now, there aren't the raw ingredients to make more. There's little to no hope of any salt based ice melt coming available anytime soon either. Most of the ingredients are imported from the Middle East. With all the unrest and conflict going on there, production has slowed down significantly. The businesses lie recumbent. What stocks there are become available at odd times. These supplies have been pre-claimed by the government and the military leaving very little available for manufacturers to use for public production.

Available Products This Winter

Salt based ice melters make up the majority of products available. Recently a safer, cleaner way has been brought to the market that uses no form of salts to melt ice. This will be the most available product this year and it is called Safe Paw ice melt. Being that Safe Paw does not use salts it is also safe for pets and kids.

This year the scarcity of ice melting products will severely affect towns, districts, precincts, villages and communities across the entire country. Ice melter for consumer use is going to be a very rare commodity indeed.

So, shortages of the raw ingredient to make the salt based ice melting products plus the wide-scale depletion of supplier stockpiles due to the previous winters' harsh weather last year have all played a part. The effect? Short supply and high demand is driving prices of inferior products through the roof. And beyond.


The good news is that there is an alternative. It’s plentiful. And it’s affordable. This is the stuff that should be making the news headlines.

This winter, taking measures to ensure safety and to minimize risk is going to be simple. In fact it will be one of the easiest things that people can do in efforts to protect homes and families from a nasty slip or fall on the ice. It's time to use Safe Paw Ice Melter.

Safe Paw is different.

It is unlike any other ice melting product. But it isn't just the fact that Safe Paw Ice Melt is plentiful and affordable; It also boasts other qualities that make it the perfect choice even if there had been enough of the other stuff around.

People might be surprised to know that most ice melters are formulated using vast quantities of salts. It may be even more surprising to learn that these salts can be harmful to children, pets, and the environment.

Child Safety

Children who come into contact with salts while innocently playing outside in the snow, may suffer from eye irritation, skin rashes, sores, and painful blisters. If ingested those salts that have been sprinkled around to tackle the ice can cause kidney damage and stomach problems. None of this is an issue with Safe Paw.

Pet Safety

Furry pets are endangered after exposure because the salts in salt-based ice melters saturate in the paws and sticking to fur. Once dried off and warm inside; the salts burn the skin causing blisters, ulcers and irritation which can lead to bacterial infections in open wounds caused as the animal attempts to rid himself of irritation. Just like children, pets are susceptible to stomach and gastric issues from licking these irritants from the paws. An unplanned for, and expensive vet bill may soon follow. None of this is an issue with Safe Paw.

Home Safety

If all that isn't enough to turn away from using salt-based products; what about the damage to the home? Damage to pavers, decks, floors, rugs, carpets, asphalt, concrete and so on? What about the detrimental and damaging effect on the environment seeping into the groundwater supply, washing into lakes, rivers and streams polluting them and harming aquatic life? What about the fact of causes of soil erosion, killing plants, burning the grass, poison birds? None of this is an issue with Safe Paw either.

Recent Survey

A recent survey found alarmingly that 62% of the US population is unaware of the health dangers associated with these salts. The same survey also found that 60% of people are using salts to melt ice. Its time to stop!

With Safe Paw Ice Melter all is safeguarded.

It protects from slipping by melting ice as any ice melting product should. But also it protects from all of those dangers mentioned above.

-100% salt-free.
-Guaranteed safe, harmless to both children and pets.
-Won't harm decking, asphalt, pavers or concrete.
-Will not stain or destroy flooring if it is tracked indoors.
-Won't harm plants or pond life.

PTPA Green Product Seal

Safe Paw is so good that it was recently awarded the PTPA Green Product Seal and is also included in the Whole Green Catalog: 1000 Best Things for You and the Earth.

For many years Safe Paw Ice Melt has been used with confidence by veterinarians, animal hospitals, shelters, groomers, humane societies, all of whom rely on it and even more, recommend it. It goes without saying then that with colder weather coming, NOW is the time to invest in the No.1 selling brand of ice melter: Safe Paw!

More Bang For The Buck

It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. And it does a lot. Because it has been formulated in a different way, it melts ice without those harmful salts, but it goes on working. This is because it boasts a patented dual effect compound made from modified crystalline amide core and combined with special glycols and traction agents.

Once applied, it gets to work immediately and goes on working. It does this because it has been engineered to attract solar energy, generating more heat that provides extra ice melting-power during daylight hours.

But it still gives more and keeps on working. Safe Paw provides protection for up to three days after application. After it has melted the ice it leaves behind an invisible shield that helps to prevent new ice from sticking and as an added bonus, this makes shoveling easier too!

So, the sooner people start getting ready, the better off all will be. Having some Safe Paw Ice Melter laid away now is going to stand all in good preparation for what lies ahead.

About SafePaw
Gaia Enterprises Safe Paw™ Ice Melter is 100% salt-free and is guaranteed pet and child safe (MSDS)! Safe Paw has been used and recommended with confidence for years by veterinarians, animal hospitals, groomers, shelters, and humane societies making it the #1 selling brand!

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Huntingdon Valley PA 19006

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