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Press Release

ID Card Supply Now Offers Triple-Secure ID Cards With Magnetic Strip, RFID and Smart Chip

ID Card Supply now offers the maximum security and authenticity possible through their triple-secure cards, now becoming increasingly popular in environments where security is at a premium.


Scottsdale, AZ, United States of America - July 9, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ --

ID Cards are an essential part of today’s security infrastructure, and are not only used by high security environments like police stations and banks, but by companies who need to control and monitor the flow of people through their offices, and even schools in at-risk areas. ID Card Supply specializes in furnishing such institutions with high quality ID cards, accessories and more, and now offers a single ID card with three distinct authentication systems- a magnetic strip, RFID chip and Smart card chip, to provide the ultimate security card for businesses, events and more.

The triple redundancy gives three ways of authenticating a card, which makes them incredibly hard to imitate or forge as well as making it easy and convenient for people using the card to gain access through security checkpoints, automated doors and more.

The triple approach to ID cards means that doorways for different departments can be fixed with different readers, which can be customized to have different levels of access privilege, making it easier than ever to ensure everyone has appropriate variable clearances. This is just one of the many products offered by ID Card Supply, but is quickly becoming it’s most popular.

A spokesperson for ID Card Supply explained, “These triple function cards are by far the best security measure in their class, and we are happy to offer them at little real price difference to a single function card, especially when ordered in bulk. For those who have a higher staff turnover or are creating one-off, large scale security infrastructures like events companies and festivals, we also offer an ID card printer that allows individuals or companies to create their own ID cards ad hoc, simplifying the process still further. In this way, we hope to provide for every ID card need in every market.”

About ID Card Supply:
ID Card Supply is a premium retailer of ID Card Printers, Magnetic Stripe Cards, PVC Cards, and ID Card Accessories. The site sells ID cards of all kinds, as well as accessories such as ID readers and lanyards, and even ID card printers for individuals or companies to manufacture their own ID cards.

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Contact Info:
Name: Ryan Jacobson
Phone: 844-625-3437 (844-MAKE-IDS)
Organization: IDCardSupply


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