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Malcovery Security Continues to Hit Major Milestones: Over Forty-Seven Million Spam Messages Processed and Seven Thousand Email-Based Attacks Identified in One Month

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>PRWEB.COM NewswirePittsburgh, PA. and Birmingham, AL. (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Malcovery Security announced today that it achieved several major milestones in delivering email-based threat intelligence, underscoring its unique analytics and patented technology capabilities in light of the unprecedented surge in phishing attack campaigns, as reported in June 2014, by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG)

"67% of the time in large enterprises, email was the direct vector for an attack on an enterprise. And still more often, malicious email was the mechanism by which bad guys gained access to a computer and then directly installed malware on it," said Greg Coticchia, President, CEO and cofounder of Malcovery Security. "Fortunately we continue to process more email-based threats such as phish, spam and malware attached to email, and distill that into actionable threat intelligence. Our customers benefit from our processing more data in a faster, more automated manner with a high signal strength that makes their people more effective and their security appliances and software smarter."

Recently Malcovery delivered the following results month over month:

  • Number of URLs processed: 85,327
  • Number of phishing attacks identified: 7,192 ( up 38.5%)
  • Number of spam messages processed: 47,584,711 (up 91%)

By collecting more threat data, and analyzing that information through automation, Malcovery can process larger amounts of data and analyze threats faster, while giving its customers contextual security information about these fast moving threats and providing related data that has no false positives. Malcovery makes this high value threat information easily consumable by security solutions, such as SIEM devices, by providing all threat data in XML and STIX formats. Malcovery delivered daily reports about these zero-based attacks, along with close to a dozen daily threat prevention data streams.

As enterprises are moving from a traditional, reactive 'detect and respond' stance to an 'intelligence–led' prevention approach, enterprise security professionals, such as those in incident response organizations, can protect their networks more proactively from emerging threats that pose imminent danger. Reporting on this security market change, Malcovery recently released a white paper entitled "Fortify Your Network Protection with Actionable Intelligence using Today's Top Threats," available as a free download at

Malcovery Security provides cloud-based security technology and services that use big data analytics to identify the source and nature of cyber attacks. Malcovery delivers actionable intelligence that can be applied to neutralize the threats and actions of cyber criminals in the areas of phishing, malicious spam and email-based malware so that enterprises can minimize or even eliminate the potentially significant and often immediate financial losses resulting from these crimes and attacks. Malcovery's patented and patent-pending cyber forensic technology continuously analyzes millions of cyber attack vectors to identify and prioritize new patterns of attack. This actionable cyber intelligence enables users to focus resources to combat the most harmful threats.

Malcovery has quickly gained commercial success with many Fortune 500 enterprise customers such as eBay, Facebook, IBM, Citi, LinkedIn, Assurant, and Visa. The company was also recently selected as a Red Herring North America 2014 Top 100 winner.

"We are not just another anti-phishing technology or malware prevention provider. We are also not another phishing 'take down' service that serves as a response to these attacks today. Malcovery is unlike virtually all services that address only the symptoms because we provide the intelligence to actually stop a cybercriminal," said Gary Warner, Chief technology Officer at Malcovery and cofounder.

Learn more about email-based threats and what you can do about them at:

About Malcovery® Security:
Malcovery Security protects networks and brands against email-based attacks. It is the leading provider of actionable cyber security intelligence and forensic analysis about email-based threats (phishing, spam and malware).

Delivered as a suite of subscription services, the company's patented and patent-pending technology provides the ability to identify the root sources of cybercrime attacks (servers, perpetrators, locations, etc.), delivering rich actionable intelligence information about cross-brand attacks and targeted attacks, as well as advanced notification of emerging email-based threats.

Unlike services that serve only as a reactive response to these attacks today--services that simply address the symptoms but cannot provide the intelligence to actually stop the cybercriminal and their activities--Malcovery Security's solutions provide the unique intelligence required to respond effectively to attacks on customers' brands, to disrupt email-based threats on an organization.

Malcovery Security has offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Birmingham, AL. For more information, please visit or connect with Malcovery on Facebook (, Twitter (@malcovery), and LinkedIn (

Editor's Note: Malcovery® is a registered trademark. 'Identify the Source. Stop the Threat.' TM is a trademark of Malcovery Security, LLC. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the protected properties of their respective owners.

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