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Hypnotherapy Book "The Chi of Change" Can Transform People's Lives

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Washington, US (PRWEB) May 30, 2014

New Psyche Books title changes the way people think about their feelings.

A ground breaking book by leading British hypnotherapist Peter Field that promises to dramatically enhance the lives of readers is set for publication on May 30th.

The book, 'The Chi of Change: How Hypnotherapy can help you rapidly heal and turn your life around--regardless of your past', is being hailed as a 'must-read' for anyone suffering from anxiety, panic, depression, overeating, fear, phobias, addiction, insomnia, trauma and low self-esteem. It reveals how anyone can overcome such disturbing states and live a balanced, meaningful life in confidence and harmony--without resorting to prescription drugs.

'The Chi of Change' shows how our subconscious mind becomes 'programmed' to make us feel the way we feel; how these programs can be rapidly changed through the right kind of hypnotherapy; and how even the most difficult feelings and emotions can be used to transform a person's life for the better.

Expert reviewers have already called the book "impressive" and "ground breaking". Dr Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., psychiatrist, and author of the #1 best-seller "Forgive To Win!" said, "If anyone is sceptical about the therapeutic power of hypnosis, this book will remove all doubts! It is an impressive work and I highly recommend it."

William Broom, Chief Executive, U.K. General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, commented, "It's a genuinely ground breaking book that will change forever the way you think about your feelings and emotions. It is destined to become a classic."

Over the course of 30 years author Peter Field has become a globally-recognized authority on psychotherapy, hypnosis and health. Known as 'The therapists' therapist', his international roster of clients includes psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and other hypnotherapists, as well as celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport.

In 'The Chi of Change', Field not only draws on his years of hypnosis experience using fascinating real-life case studies, but also brings personal lessons from his own life going back to his days as a lost young man; homeless, alcoholic and drug addicted, sleeping in shop doorways and under bridges.

He writes that healthy living can be accomplished through harmony with a person's chi--the "life force" based on energy and information which is manifested in what we call "feelings".

In 'The Chi of Change' the reader will learn how difficult life-affecting events get encoded deep in our subconscious memory systems, well below the level that ordinary talk-therapies or drugs can reach. Because this encoding happens at the subconscious level of the mind, we simply cannot access this material in our normal, waking state.

This spellbinding and inspirational book will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced emotional or mental difficulties--and is seeking a lasting solution.

'The Chi of Change', a 393-page paperback, is available online from Amazon, and may be ordered from all good bookshops. The book's website is at

About Peter Field

Peter Field is a globally-recognized authority on psychotherapy, hypnosis and health with 30 years of experience. Known as "The therapists' therapist", Peter's international roster of clients includes psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and other hypnotherapists, as well as celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport.

Peter is a Board Certified hypnotherapist and certified instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the largest and oldest professional hypnosis organization in the world, and teaches advanced hypnotherapy training to therapists internationally.

He has appeared on TV and radio, is a regular BBC contributor, and his expertise has been featured in The Times, the popular press, and prestigious journals on both sides of the Atlantic. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Health, he lives in Birmingham, UK.

His therapy website is at


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978-1-78279-351-9 Paperback (393PP) May 2014
978-1-78279-350-2 (eBook)

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