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Press Release

Dr. Frank Arguello Challenges Medical Institutions over New Cancer Treatment

Expert Offers to Engage in a Public Challenge to Prove Efficacy of Alternative Cancer Treatments

Los Cabos, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- With 1,600 patients dying from cancer every day in the United States, Dr. Frank Arguello knows that delays in accepting the new science and therapy of atavistic chemotherapy could result in unnecessary deaths. For this reason, the former assistant professor of oncology at the University of Rochester Medical Center and senior researcher at the National Cancer Institute has offered to face a public challenge by any reputable medical institution or cancer treatment organization.

The public challenge will allow a neutral, non-biased committee to review Dr. Arguello’s new atavistic chemotherapy protocol as it is used to combat Stage IV breast cancer in a patient who has not already received conventional chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Careful oversight of the treatment process will be followed by a thorough scientific review of the results, leading to a verdict on the efficacy of this new, alternative cancer treatment.

Established cancer treatments stem from a widely held conception that cancer is the result of “sick” cells creating massive and random mutations of genes, which control cell proliferation. Dr. Arguello, on the other hand, argues that cancer cells aren’t sick, but rather have mutated to more closely resemble parasitic, single-celled life forms than the cooperative cells of a more evolved organism. He asserts these highly resourceful and vital cells engage in predictable behavior and can be treated using existing FDA-approved drugs commonly prescribed to treat bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, a new treatment he refers to as atavistic chemotherapy. He calls this new approach to cancer Atavistic Oncology.

Dr. Arguello states, “I am absolutely, 100 percent sure that the treatments derived from this new discipline are going to change the modern practice of oncology. The highly toxic and extraordinarily ineffective treatments for cancer that we employ today will be a thing of the past.”

Unlike traditional treatments for cancer, the atavistic chemotherapy offered by The Frank Arguello Cancer Clinic avoids the need for hospitalization, costs substantially less, and largely avoids toxic side effects. It involves a daily course of medication taken orally, and often shows results within three weeks with complete remission achieved over the course of six months, although treatments typically last for 12 months. In addition to atavistic chemotherapy, Dr. Arguello recently introduced the use of a vaccine he hopes will shorten the length of treatment and further improve results. He hopes this public challenge will dispel skepticism and allow more patients in the U.S. and elsewhere to receive effective cancer treatment.

About The Frank Arguello Cancer Clinic
Dr. Frank Arguello’s work with advanced, disseminated cancers led to the opening of The Frank Arguello Cancer Clinic in Los Cabos, Mexico in 2013. His commitment to finding effective cancer treatments spans decades, however, starting when he was a medical student whose own mother died of cancer despite chemotherapy and surgery. Atavistic chemotherapy originates from Dr. Arguello’s research and experience, promising to change the view and treatment of cancer and the practice of medicine itself.

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