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Press Release

Ammunition Shortage Conspiracy Theories Gain Support with "Bizarre" Federal Government Ammo Purchases

American gun owners have experienced a shortage of available ammunition at gun retailers since at least 2008. Multiple theories exist for the prolonged shortage of ammo ranging from simple supply and demand to more conspiratorial claims that the Obama Administration is secretly behind ammo shortages as a means of backdoor gun control.

Moore, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Keith Jacobs, the founder of, believes the ammo shortage crisis did begin as simple supply and demand but has expanded to something more contrived.

“It’s a well-known fact that when President Obama was elected there was a run on guns and ammo because of speculation that he would expand gun control,” said Jacobs. “However, once gun owners realized the president didn’t have support for new gun control legislation the shortage should have subsided, but it hasn’t done that at all.”

Jacobs said he believes the long term ammo shortage crisis is due to a well-executed “secret” plan by the Obama administration to control the ammo markets through federal agency purchases and other covert measures.

“Recently, there have been routine ammo purchases by federal agencies such as Homeland Security and the FBI which you would expect to see,” said Jacobs. “But there have also been bizarre federal government ammo purchases from agencies you don’t normally associate with firearms such as the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Post Office and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

According to Jacobs, these unprecedented federal ammunition buys are part of a covert plan to artificially control access to ammo for regular gun owners. “The bottom line is when these federal agencies purchase such a massive quantity of the available ammo then there is a shortage for hunters, shooters and other gun enthusiasts,” said Jacobs. “It really starts to feel like there’s an agenda to control the ammo markets artificially.”

A Recent news story regarding the U.S. Army’s plan to destroy over $1 billion worth of ammunition is proof that the federal government has been buying more ammo than it actually needs, claimed Jacobs.

“A recent story in the USA Today revealed that the Pentagon plans to destroy perfectly good ammunition worth in excess of a billion dollars,” said Jacobs. “This unbelievable waste of taxpayer dollars is part of this plan to keep ammo out of consumer markets in my opinion.”

Jacobs has released a video presentation on his website that provides more details to support his theories. The website address is

About Keith Jacobs
Keith Jacobs is a freelance journalist and blogger and he is the founder of, an independent aggregator of news related to gun rights, government policies and individual family disaster preparedness. Jacobs is a strong supporter of the second amendment and a disaster preparedness and home security expert. In the past year alone, he has taught thousands of Americans how to get ready for anything and everything through his popular family survival training programs.

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