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Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat Stresses the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse During Alcohol Awareness Month with Display in Local Library

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Denham Springs, LA (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Narconon Louisiana has created a display being presented at a local library which shows the impact of alcohol related accidents on Louisianans. A series of photographs illustrates each statistic and there is a free booklet called The Truth about Alcohol for library patrons to read. Since April is alcohol awareness month, the opportunity to provide this information could not have come at a better time.

A new study published in the scientific journal Addiction looks at deaths caused by alcohol consumption in sixteen North and Latin American countries. The study found that between 2007 and 2009, alcohol directly resulted in nearly 80,000 deaths per year. Since these deaths are entirely preventable, the need for more education on the health effects of alcohol consumption is clear.

According to the authors of the study, "The mortality rates found in this study reveal the tip of the iceberg of a broader problem. There is a wide range of diseases and conditions linked to alcohol use, including tuberculosis, heart disease, stroke, epilepsy, falls, suicides, transport-related injuries, and interpersonal violence, among others. Our study simply shows how many deaths are wholly attributable to alcohol consumption. The number of deaths for which alcohol consumption is a significant contributing factor is likely to be much higher."

This growing risk of death associated with alcohol use has many local treatment centers concerned. "We are beginning to see increased health problems due to alcohol consumption in new admits to our program. Generally, alcoholics appear to have more physical problems than do drug abusers" says Kelley Keeney, Facility Administrator of Narconon Louisiana.

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat is a non-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation center founded in 2006 near Baton Rouge, Louisiana where hundreds of individuals have been treated for substance abuse problems. The program uses a unique drug-free rehabilitation program as its base and offers intense one on one counseling to address the many behavioral issues surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol.

As well as being a treatment facility, Narconon Louisiana has long stressed the importance of drug education and offers free drug education and information to individuals and groups. This recent display is part of the continuing effort to educate people on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

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