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Press Release

The International MVNOx Association announces its official launch

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London, England (PRWEB UK) 22 April 2014

The International MVNOx Association (iMVNOx), a trade association for the MVNOx ecosystem, announced its official launch at the Informa MVNO World Congress in Berlin following a 'year of discovery' that began at the previous year's conference in Rome.

The iMVNOx was the brainchild of Frankie Spagnolo who, whilst working as the CMO for a roaming MVNO Forumtel, found there was a distinct lack of support and resources available to MVNOs globally, both new and existing.

"I founded The iMVNOx Association because I believe strongly that supporting the development of this community will ultimately provide better service and solutions for consumers across the globe. I believe it is a vitally important 'voice' in the world of innovation and that it can be influential in enabling both simple and life-changing technologies in the first world and the emerging markets," said Ms. Spagnolo.

"Because of my experience coming from outside this industry and struggling to find accurate and up to date information to successfully inform my decisions as CMO of an international MVNO, I decided to set up a structure for the entire ecosystem so that the MVNOs to come will have someone to support them as they come to market, and through their lifecycle," she added.

The iMVNOx began its pre-launch period in September 2013 with the engagement of Founding Partners (Preiskel & Co., Mi-Pay, Informa, Millennial Mobility, MVNO Dynamics and Red Dawn Consulting) and Founding Members (Now Mobile, Phone Co-op, Voiamo, I-New, iCard, Cognatel), along with Strategic Alliances (Gr82Tlk, Baker&Mckenzie, Analysis Mason, Infonics, Jawraa, and Virgin Management); The iMVNOx Founders Society (as they are collectively known) have been working together to build the governance and membership structure, as well as raise the profile and bring on board new members across the MVNO ecosystem globally.

Ms. Spagnolo commented, "The global purpose of the iMVNOx is to position the wholesale providers and virtual operators as a force for good worldwide. We will act as an effective 'voice' for the underserved MVNX industry, strengthening confidence in the market value for consumers, carriers, and the investment community, while working together with regulatory bodies and the wholesale market to drive innovation and fair play. We will welcome all companies and associations with an interest in this sector with open arms."

The Berlin launch has seen an increase in the number of companies joining The Association's ranks, with Truphone, MTX Connect, OmanTel, Yaana Technologies, Acqua Mobile, Mosaic, and over 20 more other companies all confirming their support.

Distributed by MVNO Dynamics Limited, on behalf of the International MVNOx Association

About iMVNOx
The global purpose of the International MVNOx Association is to position the wholesale providers and virtual operators, within the global MVNX industry, as a force of good worldwide, acting as an effective "voice" for the underserved MVNX industry, strengthening confidence in the market value for consumers, carriers, and the investment community.

The key aims are to address the economic, social, and regulatory issues that challenge the MVNOs and other Members by leveraging the combined ecosystem and global subscriber base to increase industry value and regulatory influence.

The Association ultimately supports the overall health of the MVNO market globally by strengthening the value to the carriers and investors while enabling consumer-centric solutions across channels and markets worldwide.

To join the conversation, contact:
Ms. Frankie Spagnolo – Founder and Director, iMVNOx Association

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