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The NFEC Launches a GIfting Campaign that Can Help Parents Secure Their Childs Future

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Denver, CO (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

SavingsFund was created by the National Financial Educators Council to address our children’s inherited financial crisis. Families can proactively help their child to start to save for college and long-term financial security needs with the help of friends and loved ones on the SavingsFund crowdfunding platform.

SavingsFund is a gift giving platform that allows friends and family to contribute to a child’s long-term savings plan and education. Instead of a traditional toy or other gift for birthdays or holidays, loved ones can choose to provide a financial gift that can provide future benefits for the child.

"One of the features I like most about SavingsFund is that as the child's money grows, their knowledge of personal finance topics grows," states Jayne Black the mother of 6 children and the current Mrs. Wisconsin International 2013. “Love that it's for more than college savings and encompasses a home purchase and a focus on financial security.”

As Edward Siedle states in a March 2013 Forbes article, “We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world.” The decline of pension plans, the severe reduction in SSI benefits and higher tax burdens are things today’s youth can look forward to. Starting a consistent investment plan at a young age may help.

The NFEC developed SavingsFund as part of their social enterprise business model. The service and the financial education curriculum is complimentary for families receiving gifts. SavingsFund was designed to help families start to save money early while providing their children a timely financial education.

The NFEC partners with celebrities and positive influential role models to raise awareness for the financial literacy movement. The NFECs’ Financial EduNation Campaign provides financial literacy resources, tools and training to assist schools and non-profit organizations to share the message of financial literacy with people in their community.

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