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Former Christian’s Debut Novel Blows the Whistle on Paradise

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Crystal Palace, London (PRWEB UK) 8 November 2013

Paul Beaumont, an atheist who, for 25 years, claimed to have had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, has had his debut novel – 'A Brief Eternity' – shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize(1) and, subsequently, published by independent publisher, Dangerous Little Books(2).

Paul explains that the book is intended to fill a gap in the market because, "although many non-fiction polemics have been published which undermine Christianity, a subversive novel has never been written from the assumption that the religion is actually true."

Of course, many Christian fantasies have been written in support of the religion, CS Lewis’s 'The Great Divorce' and the 'Gospel of John', to name but two, but Paul argues, "this is the first novel to challenge the beliefs of the faithful, not by confronting them directly, but by assuming they are correct and extrapolating the terrifying consequences for all mankind."

Acknowledging the originality of the premise, as well as the depth of insight that Paul brings to his writing from his long immersion in the idiosyncratic world of fundamentalist Christianity, other established atheist authors have been quick to welcome the new book.

Dan Barker (author of 'Godless' and President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation in the USA(3)) says that this is exactly “how religio-philosophical fiction should be written” while David G. McAfee (author of 'Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist') reflects that A Brief Eternity will make readers “think, laugh, and then think some more.”

Paul is sometimes asked if he regrets losing his faith. He says that he doesn’t, although he does miss singing those deeply moving hymns. He’s sorry, too, that he won’t ever be able to stand in front of the Judgement Throne of God Almighty. Arguing his case against God himself might have been a lot of fun so, instead of doing it in reality, he’s played with it in his story.

He says that it’s up to the reader to decide who wins.

'A Brief Eternity' (ISBN 1908675217) is available from November 2013 in hardback, paperback and ebook and published by Dangerous Little Books


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To request a review copy please contact Paul Beaumont on 07860 442 717 or his publisher

Paul is a witty, entertaining writer, speaker and debater. He is available to provide expert comment on religion (especially Christianity), morality, the impact of religion on politics (e.g. faith schools), secularism and many of the outrageous beliefs of the lunatic fundamentalist fringe, such as creationism, the Second Coming and the inerrancy of the Bible. If you would like Paul to provide expert comment for your publication or programme, please contact him directly at paul.beaumont(at)hotmail(dot), or 07860 442 717.

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