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Bitcoin Gaming Wildfire - BetCoin™ Customers Win 5 Million Dollars in 30 Days

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HONG KONG, September 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network is upping the ante this month and continues to expand their casino operation, responding to a huge influx of new players with several new innovations. As the world of bitcoin gaming and online bitcoin casinos continues to gain momentum, BetCoin ™ ( ahead of the curve by utilizing their unparalleled drive for creating the best bitcoin gaming options available. They have announced several major upgrades to existing products, including a patented and secure user verification technology and a unification of player leagues with monthly prizes totaling thousands of bitcoins. BetCoin ™ will also be announcing a brand new, unique multi-million dollar grade offer in the coming weeks.

Within one month, BetCoin ™ has processed 420,000 bets, with a total payout of a staggering 36,000 BTC ($4.5 million).  BetCoin ™ Dice( proves to be a customer favorite, with 225,000 bets processed and an amazing total payout of 24,000 BTC ($3 million). BetCoin ™ Circle( has processed 150,000 bets, paying out 6,800 BTC ($850,000), and the rest of the $4.5 million payed out by BetCoin ™ Casino(

BetCoin ™ CTO states, "I'm sort of feeling like the idea of a leader board has not been thought out all the way. With bitcoin and our instant credit and payout capability, competitive betting is made possible on a number of levels, so let's reinvent this idea and offer it to anyone who wants to use it." Not only can users gain access to different leagues, they can also win reward points and prizes in a monthly free bitcoin giveaway. The prizes for diamond  league in each of the games have been set to: First prize 100BTC ($13,000), Second prize: 50 BTC ($7,500), Third Prize: 30 BTC($3,900).

The CTO went on to discuss security:

 "We already have a robust system in place, but there is no such thing as 'too secure.' Following the success of the first month, we set out to make our platform the software equivalent of Fort Knox.  We are creating a multi-factor authentication system for adding aliases and locking down the user's session, more than that, our unique patented security solution will protect the users and their funds even if a malicious party obtains their login credentials, this is something unprecedented in today's gaming industry."

BetCoin ™ isn't stopping at games, either. They have also launched the world's first Bitcoin Entertainment Wiki, where users can play and learn about bitcoin at the same time, offering newcomers to bitcoin a vast repository of information and a forum space to share ideas.

BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network( is consistently at the helm, continually shaping the market of bitcoin gaming and the world of online casinos. With a high volume of new features reaching its users weekly, BetCoin ™ promises to maintain its drive for developing new and better ways to play. All three of BetCoin's ™ existing projects have cemented their place as the global leaders in bitcoin-based gaming and online bitcoin casinos, according to this list(

With all of this and still more to come, BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network is making the best bitcoin gaming experience on the web better and better. This is why throngs of gamers around the world have voted BetCoin ™ to the top, and with this level of expertise and commitment, they are there to stay.


James Mason, BetCoin ™ PR

SOURCE BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network

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