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Press Release

Rexxfield's Digital Skiptracing Tools Now Publicly Available

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New York NY (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

Skiptracing tools are traditionally provided by private investigators. These professionals use tried and proven investigative techniques in attempts to physically locate people on the run, such as parental abduction offenders, debtors, and deadbeat parents. The best investigatory efforts can be hampered by sophisticated identity obfuscation methods.

Modern communications through the Internet and mobile phones, can provide investigators new ways of locating these ''runners'. Old-fashioned private investigators that do not possess digital forensics skills, now have a new weapon in their skiptracing tool box.

Rexxfield founder Michael Roberts, is a licensed private investigator specializing in digital surveillance, social forensics and geo-location. Mr. Roberts recently announced that Rexxfield is opening up its electronic skiptracing tools and services to other licensed private investigators, attorneys and business clients. He said, "until recently some of these services were reserved exclusively for police departments and prosecutors."

Roberts went on to explain that many unresolved investigations cases can be reopened, often with very good chances of success, even if the investigator has little information about the person of interest. As an example, Roberts explained that by using communication devices to contact third parties and through a process of "social engineering", he can extract relevant and basic intelligence surrounding the person of interest. As a consequence of this intelligence gathering, certain digital "incidents" might occur which provide conclusive intelligence as to the general or specific whereabouts of the person of interest.

Roberts said, "Our successful case studies cover many scenarios, such as missing persons or runaways, repossession targets, debtors and deadbeat parents who owe child support or refuse visitation to the other parent."

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