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ElationEMR Launches New Service for Physicians That Eases Pain of Patient Care Coordination

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San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

ElationEMR, whose ‘clinical first’ development philosophy has defined a revolutionary EMR platform for physicians, today announced The Elation Provider Network, a new service for physicians that powers smart, frictionless collaboration between providers. The average primary care physician coordinates care with 229 other physicians working in 117 different practices, a real pervasive challenge to both physicians’ time, and the quality of patient information passed along. The Elation Provider Network solves that problem: it automatically identifies all the other providers who have cared for a patient based on actual clinical interactions, verifies the providers’ contact information, and enables a physician in just 3 clicks to communicate reliably and share patient information securely and seamlessly with any provider - whether that provider uses ElationEMR or not. Included for free with an ElationEMR subscription, the company has begun a staged roll-out and is launching the service in select San Francisco Bay Area markets today.

“After using the Elation Provider Network for just ten minutes, I knew right away it was going to be a huge time saver for me and my staff. It makes our referral process more efficient since I can automatically access my personal provider network and have confidence that the information is credible,” said Dr. Susan K. Sorensen, MD, FACP. “When coordinating patient care and making referrals, Elation lets me search for providers across the network of peers that I trust. The service works how I need it to and makes ‘Googling’ or leaving the exam room to peruse paper directories completely unnecessary.”

Key features of the Elation Provider Network include:

-Automatic surfacing of providers with whom the physician’s patients have had actual clinical experiences: Simply through regular use of ElationEMR, the provider network service will automatically uncover the network of physicians that have seen a specific patient, making the network real and relevant. No more relying on memory, a patient’s recollection, or a specialist’s general reputation to trigger a referral.

-Immediate access to an active, credible, network of providers: The Elation Provider Network includes providers that the physician has collaborated with previously, or that another Elation physician has. This ensures the network is current, and all contact information has been verified by Elation - no need to add a single contact or call the office staff to confirm. Physicians can reach out quickly and with confidence, knowing the information will arrive.

-Quick, secure process for sharing patient information with any provider -- even if they don’t use ElationEMR. Physicians can find contact information, write a referral, attach documents and chart information, and send to another provider, in just three clicks -- without needing any staff support. There are no limitations on the file size, so the right information (even images and other large files which commonly can’t be emailed) makes it over every time. Delivery confirmation, as well as any ensuing messages between the two practices, are stored in the patient’s chart.

“Physicians simply have no effective tools to help them coordinate care today. Instead, they need to decide which provider to share information with, go through an entire chart to identify which information is valuable to share, and then ask their staff to package it all together, typically to send via fax,” said Kyna Fong, co-founder of ElationEMR. “With Elation Provider Network, we’re tearing down all those barriers for our physicians and allowing them to focus on doing what they do best: making clinical decisions and delivering high quality care to their patients.”

ElationEMR delivers a new standard for healthcare with a clinically-centered platform for frontline physicians, enabling them to manage all aspects of patient care in one place. Through the company’s “clinical first” development philosophy, Elation brings the right information, at the right time, to the true change agent in care delivery - the physician. While most EMR products were built for billing or compliance and insert frustrating constraints at every step, Elation was built with the singular purpose of helping frontline providers deliver the excellent care they already provide to their patients -- more quickly and more easily. ElationEMR users receive all services as part of their standard subscription, including the Elation Provider Network for physician collaboration, and Passport, a patient information system.

“The average primary care physician coordinates care with hundreds of other physicians and practices. Add in the exploding complexity of medicine, and it’s clear the task physicians are asked to tackle is daunting,” added Fong. “Although most of the EMR industry is still struggling with the first step of engaged clinical use, at Elation we’re delivering on the promise of EMRs: surfacing actionable information from the reams of data being generated and therefore helping to inform the most effective clinical decisions.”

About ElationEMR
Based in San Francisco, ElationEMR was founded in 2010 and has raised $3.2M from investors including Aberdare Ventures, Kapor Capital, IDEO, SV Angel, Dustin Moskovitz, Adam D’Angelo, Chris Cox and Charlie Cheever. For more information please visit,

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