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Press Release

EyeVerify Announces Eyeprint Validation Results From the Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 25, 2013) - EyeVerify today announced that data collected from the Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance (BSPA) Laboratory of Purdue University that indicates that EyeVerify's patented Eyeprint technology exceeded many of today's biometric industry standards and commercial requirements for deployment.

The BSPA administered data collection of Eyeprints across 250 subjects. Initial results show a false acceptance rate of 0.013% (a false acceptance rate is the measure of the likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly accept an access attempt by an unauthorized user).

According to Dr. Stephen Elliot, Director of BSPA Labs, "Biometric authentication on mobile devices is a very active space right now. Leveraging existing hardware which has been mass deployed is a key element for wide scale adoption."

"Eyeprints are a stable and accurate biometric authentication method. The third party validation from the Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory demonstrates that Eyeprint technology is suitable for deployment today," said Dr. Reza Derakhshani, EyeVerify's chief scientist. "Eyeprints combine a unique and convenient biometric which can be captured with cameras on smartphones. We are at a point in history where the ubiquity of smartphones and the reliability of Eyeprinting makes accurate mobile authentication available across countless applications to billions of people."

In addition to the release of the BSPA results, EyeVerify also announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a new patent covering the method and features used for pattern matching in the Eyeprint verification system. This is EyeVerify's second patent. The first covers the foundational concept of eye vein biometrics by Dr. Derakhshani and Dr. Arun Ross in 2005 (U.S. Patent number 7,327,860).

"Eight years ago, we began thinking about the challenges that result from existing and emerging biometric modalities," said Dr. Derakhshani. "This technology is extremely valuable to anyone who has an interest in reliable, accurate mobile identity security and authentication."

"With 2013 being the year that mobile Internet devices will outnumber humans, consumers and content providers demand an authentication technology that goes beyond what we've used to date. Passwords are easily forgotten or stolen, consumers have expressed reluctance to embrace facial recognition and fingerprinting isn't compatible with how people use mobile phones. Eyeprints combine reliability and accuracy with portability," said Toby Rush, EyeVerify CEO.

Starting in March and running through May 2013, EyeVerify will offer an exclusive beta program for mobile security participants. This exclusive program provides access to the company's patented technology that uses built-in cameras within smart devices to image and pattern match the unique veins in the users' whites of their eyes, ensuring highly accurate, fast and convenient security for mobile transactions. The beta will include prototype applications, SDK access, technical and engineering support as well as quality assurance test plans and results. Beta participants can also take advantage of early access to commercial releases of EyeVerify technology.

This week, EyeVerify executives are meeting with mobile security experts at the RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco and at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, where the company is also being featured at ShowStoppers @ Mobile World Congress.

About Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory

The mission of the BSPA laboratory is to excel in the applied research of biometric technologies with a continued commitment to education and innovative research, as well as engaging academia, government and industry in all activities. We strive to achieve our mission through a partnership between industry and academia, bridging cultures to find solutions to the challenges associated with developing and implementing biometric technologies. We are part of CERIAS -- the Center for Education, Research and Information Assurance and Security, and the Cyber Center at Purdue University. Learn more at

About EyeVerify
EyeVerify offers accurate, simple and secure mobile identity protection and access to highly personal information with just a glance using existing smartphones. EyeVerify's patented vascular 'eyeprint' solution uses built-in cameras in today's mobile devices to image and then pattern match blood vessels in the whites of users' eyes, ensuring highly accurate, fast and convenient mobile, digital identity protection, without requiring additional hardware for businesses or end users. Learn more at

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Paul Wilke

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Chris Barnett

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