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Winter Car Wash Tips from Super Speed Wash

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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Regular car washing not only helps vehicles look great, it can also extend their value and lifespan. Whether it’s sleet, snow, and salt during the fall and winter months; rain and pollen during the spring; or UV rays and acidic bugs during the summer -- motorists should act to protect their vehicles against the seasons’ harshest elements.

Routine car washing is especially important in periods immediately following winter weather when salt and brine have been applied to roads. While salt helps keep the roads clear of ice, it also accumulates on ALL of your vehicle's surfaces -- not just the painted areas. For this reason, in addition to waxes and sealants for paint protection, it is important to also clean and treat vehicles' undercarriage and to use products that bond to and protect unpainted surfaces like chrome and steel.

Super Speed Wash addresses this by including Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant in its Total Protection car wash. Much more than just a windshield treatment, Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant is designed to add premium shine, protection, and water repellency to paint, glass & chrome. Unlike other protectants on the market today, Rain-X bonds immediately, but also cures to the vehicle’s surface to provide a stronger, more durable level of protection, shine and water repellency.

The Total Protection Wash also includes an undercarriage rinse and application of rust inhibitor to the undercarriage to protect unseen areas of vehicles, where salt accumulates in winter driving.

Salt works as an often unseen hazard to vehicles, as it can settle and build up in hard-to-reach areas, where it slowly eats away at the metal. This is especially crucial for motorists who park their cars in garages. A warm garage is convenient for drivers, but creates an ideal situation for rust development on vehicles, as rust forms when moisture from the melting snow and ice combines with oxygen in the air on exposed metal. Salt accelerates that process because it is corrosive.

Hand car washing or visiting a coin-operated wash with a wand sprayer is not always practical on cold winter days. And without a targeted, directional sprayer trained on a vehicle undercarriage, it is difficult to remove hidden salt and brine. Super Speed Wash's convenient tunnel car washes allow drivers to stay warm and dry inside their cars while getting them washed.

Super Speed Wash strives to make the car washing experience fast, convenient, and comfortable for customers regardless of the weather. The car wash company recommends washing your car at least twice a month and immediately after any period of winter weather to protect the vehicle's paint and other surfaces.

About Super Speed Wash

Super Speed Wash is an automatic car wash with 10 locations in and around Nashville, Tennessee. We use premium soaps, polishes and waxes — including Armor All®, Turtle Wax® and Rain-X® products. The soft cloth in our exterior express tunnels is a combination of Neoglide and microfiber, both of which are engineered to clean thoroughly while treating your car’s finish with the utmost care. We rinse your car with reverse-osmosis filtered water, which ensures a shiny finish, free of hard-water spotting. Prices start at only $6, and vacuuming is always free.

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