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article imageOp-Ed: Who’s telling these idiots to panic buy?

By Paul Wallis     Mar 23, 2020 in World
Sydney - The subhuman, animalistic panic buying is everywhere. There’s no risk of running out of anything, except through these panics. Social media is full of people cursing panic buyers. So who’s telling these morons to panic buy?
The ongoing saga of ridiculous panic buying has now been going on for nearly a month. Buying vast amounts of toilet paper, more than anyone would need in a decade is the new, abysmal, normal for some. Buying absurd amounts of bread which will spoil in a few days is also normal if you’re a total moron.
Headless chickens at least run in a direction. This panic buying seems to have no direction at all, except to annoy other people. There’s something highly unlikely about people suddenly becoming survival experts in all the wrong ways at the wrong time.
Panic buying hit a new low in Australia with panic buying of vegetable seeds. It makes a point. You know nothing about growing food, so you’ll be able to grow a supply for yourself? Come off it. Some people are great gardeners; most aren’t. Growing enough food for a survival supply takes a lot of hard work, and you won’t be doing that in the average inner-city terrarium/apartment.
Do you have any idea what’s involved in growing enough food for one person for any length of time? Find out. Find out about hydroponics, too, so you won’t be wasting water as well.
Awfully decent of you to finally pay some attention to food and where it comes from, of course. You’ll qualify for grade school any decade now at this rate. It’s another case of buying something you don’t really need at the expense of everyone else.
Tolerating the intolerable? Don’t.
The degree of tolerance shown by store owners and the public to this selfish, stupid, useless behaviour is extraordinary. Why tolerating parasites is the default reaction is anyone’s guess, perhaps basic decency? Tolerating the stupid, however, can only go so far.
Kick the fools out. Don’t let them buy anything at all if they misbehave in any way. That’ll shut them down, where sanity doesn’t.
Meanwhile, back in redneck land, racism is another manifestation of this disinformation factory. Attacks on Chinese people are widespread, thanks largely to the “China virus” propaganda. People didn’t attack Spanish people for the “Spanish” flu. The people who suffered most from the initial outbreak of coronavirus are now on the receiving end for no reason at all. Maybe Idiot Supremacists and other vermin have no other way of expressing themselves? What with their total lack of comprehension and all? Could be.
Again, where’s the “information” coming from? It’s not like a herd of illiterate gerbils suddenly get all worked up without some sort of incentive. The irresponsible rabid media morons are probably helping, but they don’t do these things without some sort of “advice” from their owners. It’s covered by racial vilification laws and hate speech laws, too.
Enough of this crap. Expect basic human courtesy and consideration and nothing less. This behaviour cannot be tolerated in any form.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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