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article imageOp-Ed: Saudis extend uniltateral Yemen ceasefire for another month

By Ken Hanly     Apr 25, 2020 in World
Just a day after a previous ceasefire in Yemen expired, Saudi Arabia announced on Friday that they will be extending the unilateral Yemen ceasefire for another month claiming that it was needed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the war-torn country.
Rebel Houthis did not agree to the first ceasefire
The Houthis demanded that the Saudis ease their naval blockade which has hindered humanitarian and other supplies from reaching areas controlled by the rebel Houthis. The Houthis argued that since the blockade was enforced militarily there was no complete ceasefire as long as it was in place. The earlier ceasefire was two weeks and ended last Thursday.
New Saudi ceasefire does not mention naval blockade easing
The newly announced Saudi ceasefire does not mention any easing of the naval blockade. This means that there will probably be a continuation of the fighting as happened during the previous ceasefire. Both sides are continuing to fight and there appears to be little hope for peace talks.
Fighting continues
During the two week truce fighting had persisted with attacks by both sides. Dozens of air raids were mounted against Houthi targets by the Saudi-led coalition jets.
On Friday conflict
was persisting even as an extension of the truce was declared by Saudi Arabia. There was fighting in two districts of the central province of Marib, Raghwan and Majzar in the east of the province. A source in Marib told reporters that dozens had been killed on both sides as tanks, artillery and missiles were used.
It is not clear what if any the Saudi unilateral ceasefire has had on the conflict. It seems that talks between the two warring parties are needed to reach a muitual ceasefire and real enforcement of a ceasefire. As it is the Saudi announcement seems to be having no real effects on the conflict.
Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea claimed that Houthi fighters had managed to repel both attacks. He also said that the Saudi-led coalition launched 35 airstrikes against their forces.
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