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article imageBuffalo woman brings lawsuit to postpone Tuesday's election

By Arthur Weinreb     Nov 5, 2016 in Politics
Buffalo - A Buffalo, New York grandmother has commenced a lawsuit asking a judge to postpone the Nov. 8 presidential election. The woman argues neither of the two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are fit to hold the office of the president.
Millions of Americans do not like either of the two main candidates running for president in next week’s election. But 62-year-old Louise Nolley, who has training as a paralegal, decided to do something about it. On Tuesday she filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York, asking a judge to issue an order postponing the election until such time as suitable candidates can be found.
Nolley would like to see Barack Obama serve a third time but knows that goes against the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. However she would like Obama to remain in office until suitable presidential candidates can be found.
Nolley told the Buffalo News she has thought about this for a long time. She prayed and just waited until God gave her the okay. Apparently the okay was given last week. The 62-year-old grandmother told Law Newz “They [Clinton and Trump] are making a mockery out of the Constitution. I wanted it [the election] to be special for me. I feel like they are comedians.”
Nolley acknowledges in the suit that both Trump and Clinton meet the requirements under the Constitution to hold the office of president. But she argues neither of them is fit to be president. The suit refers to Trump as “a tyrant” who made racial comments throughout the campaign, is rude and has made comments making fun of the disabled. Nolley also referred to allegations of sexual assault made against the Republican candidate.
As to Clinton, Nolley claims Clinton cannot be trusted with confidential information and refers to what the FBI has found. Like Trump, Clinton falls below the standard of someone who is tasked with protecting the people of the United States.
One of the problems with the 62-year-old’s lawsuit is that only Clinton and Trump are named as defendants. Even if a judge was inclined to grant the injunction, it would only prevent the two main candidates from running. As they were not named as parties to the action, Libertarian Party leader Gary Johnson and Jill Stein of the Green Party cannot be enjoined from running for president.
Nolley has a colourful background. She has been HIV positive since 1985 and is a recovering heroin addict. She is an ex-felon who has been to state and federal prisons multiple times and this year is the first time she is eligible to vote.
There is almost no chance of the lawsuit succeeding. Even if a judge decides to hear the case, it is unlikely it will reach court before Tuesday, rendering the action moot.
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