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article imageRadio host responds to claim that he didn't show up for interview

By Alex Allen     May 12, 2015 in Politics
Popular radio host Alex Jones is claiming that ABC News lied in order to discredit him after the network made claims that he failed to show up for a live interview.
Radio host Alex Jones has stirred quite a bit of controversy over the years. He was one of the trailblazers of the 9/11 'truther' movement, saying from day one that he believed the attack was a false flag operation. He also made a controversial appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight during which he spoke over Morgan, mocked his British accent and yelled that 1776 would "commence again" if the government tried to take the people's guns away.
It is because of Jones' interesting perspective on the Jade Helm training operation, which he believes is part of the military and government's preparation for Martial Law in the United States, that he was recently scheduled to appear on a segment of ABC News' This Week with George Stephanopoulos. However, controversy ensued on Sunday after Jones did not appear on the show.
Just before the interview with Jones was supposed to take place on Sunday, host Martha Raddatz made the statement that Jones had simply failed to show up and therefore would not be appearing in the segment. This caused several media outlets to run with the story that Jones had 'chickened out' or that he had decided not to appear because he was afraid to defend his statements. Within hours, Jones and his staff released a response on their various platforms, including their website Infowars. An article was posted on Infowars by writer Paul Joseph Watson claiming that the car service that was supposed to pick Jones up had not arrived until twelve minutes before the interview was supposed to take place.
In the article, Watson published a series of text messages and emails, one of which was sent to Jones at 8:48 AM to inform him that the car was ready.
Jones and Infowars said ABC used "dirty tricks" and that their claims were a "hoax." Watson wrote the following in his article:
Whether the miscommunication was a mistake or not, to blame Jones for a “no show,” insinuating that he deliberately chose not to appear on the broadcast, is completely inaccurate and dishonest.
Jones also responded to the claims on his radio show.
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