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article imageOp-Ed: Wake up, America! We can't go forward with 2 presidents in power

By Karen Graham     Jan 29, 2021 in Politics
I really thought that the political firestorm created by Trump would begin to die down after he finally left Washington, however, I was wrong. The chaos, divisiveness, and cloud of corruption that shrouded his presidency is still with us.
While other presidents make a concerted effort to unite the country after an election, when Donald Trump took office in January 2016, he used his Twitter account and chose the opposite path - criticizing a long list of perceived adversaries, from the news media to members of his own administration, elected officials in both political parties and foreign heads of state.
I could go into a long list of the damages he caused to this country, from his increasing the national debt to historic highs, weakening federal agencies, and stacking the judicial system with conservative judges who will remain in position for decades.
Trump's success in rolling back federal regulations left many federal agencies understaffed, underfunded, and unable to function properly, If you doubt that, just look at the botched job his administration did with the coronavirus pandemic.
The divisiveness of the Trump presidency
If he is remembered for nothing else, Trump will be remembered for the huge divide he created between political parties. That's bad enough, but, somehow, that division expanded to include families, friends, and neighbors. This happened to me - My baby sister who lived out West will not talk to me because of Trump's control over his supporters.
That divisiveness is still prevalent, even today, and it has divided the Republican party. And it is interesting to look at who is on which side, the Grand Old Party, or the new Party of Trump. Just this week, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy traveled to Florida to grovel at the feet of his defeated leader, hoping to get into his good graces again.
I only hope that he still doesn't smell like a baby's dirty diaper because you don't really know how far he went with his butt-kissing. It is amazing to me how quickly McCarthy changed his tune after being one of the lawmakers who had to hide in a safe room as the mob of rioters, incited by Trump rampaged through the Capitol.
So how strong is The Party of Trump? A Pew research poll showed an average of 86 percent of Republicans approved of Trump’s handling of the job over the course of his tenure, compared with an average of just 6 percent of Democrats, even though his approval rating never got above 50 percent and dropped to 29 percent in his final weeks in office.
A party based on conspiracy Theories
I have always thought that Trump was a smart man, and knew exactly what he was doing. But I can't figure out how someone who is supposedly intelligent could ever believe some of the crap being spread around by his followers. Surely this does not make those followers, who just happen to be Republicans, idiots, does it? If so, then Trump is an idiot.
One other thing is disturbing to me. Trump has refused to denounce white supremacists, the Proud Boys, QAnon, and other groups wanting to take down our nation. And this brings to mind Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman Republican from Georgia, and a staunch QAnon Trump supporter,
Greene was appointed to serve on the House Education Committee, and shortly after that, all the dirty laundry was revealed. According to her social media accounts, Greene has claimed 9/11 was an inside job, said Muslims don't belong in government, and spread an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory suggesting the 2018 California wildfires were caused by a space laser connected to the Rothschild family.
Perhaps the most shocking was Greene saying that the deaths of children in school shootings at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn., and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida were "all staged." McCarthy has already had private conversations with Greene, who has also joined the House Budget Committee, "in an attempt to rein in some of her most extreme rhetoric," so she says.
Bottom line? I'm sure glad I don't live in her district in Georgia. Is she really what people want to be representing them? And, one other thing - We cannot have a government in this country governed by two presidents, even if one is flying a false flag. Trump really needs to be censured and jailed for his part in inciting insurrection.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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