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article imageOp-Ed: Trump attacks news media for not saying his crowds were largest

By Karen Graham     Jan 21, 2017 in Politics
I think I have figured out what Mr. Trump's problem is. He has a dislike for anyone telling him he may not be right about something, and he needs to feel like he is doing everything better than anyone else.
It's sort of like Hans Christian Andersen's story about "The Emperor's new clothes." He doesn't realize the naked truth because of an unwillingness of his staffers to criticize him or be seen as going against his opinion.
So far today, our president succeeded in making a jerk of himself before a gathering of CIA employees, standing before the sacred wall of stars that represent the 117 agents that have given their lives for our freedom. So what did he talk about? He was more centered on how angry he was at the press for belittling his inauguration crowd numbers.
And now he is focused on a story that showed pictures of his inauguration and President Obama's inauguration. IIt was very obvious for anyone watching the ceremony that the crowds weren't as big as usual, mainly because most everyone there voted for him.
So in retaliation, he sent his "whipping boy," Sean Spicer out to speak with the press and tell them in no uncertain terms that HE HAD THE BIGGEST CROWD, EVER. Poor Sean, who I feel is actually a very nice man, now has to take the fallout. And now, the news media is also worried that today's press briefing may be what we can expect in the future. In other words, "you guys listen and we will tell you what to print."
The thing that bothers me the most is that President Trump, from the very beginning of his campaign, has tweeted whatever he saw fit to say, regardless if it was right or wrong, true or false, degrading to an individual or minority group, or just plain mean-spirited. And he continues to carry on in this manner.
I am really getting fed up with Trump's talk about how the media is nothing but liars. He has also likened journalist's news stories to Nazi Germany, and that is outrageous and troubling. Trump is on his way to limiting the freedom of the press, wanting us to only publish what he says is true. To me, this is nothing more than a limitation of our right to free speech and to telling the truth - something our country really needs to hear at this time.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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