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article imageFiancée only wanted Manson's dead body to make money

By Karen Graham     Feb 10, 2015 in Odd News
America's notorious serial-killer, Charles Manson is in the spotlight again. It is being reported that his alleged fiancée, Afton Elaine Burton, AKA Star, 27, only wanted his body. She apparently decided he was worth more dead than alive.
The 27-year-old's engagement to the 80-year-old criminal was hard enough to swallow when the news came out last year the couple had a marriage licence. But even the licence was a travesty of everything marriage is supposed to stand for. According to the New York Post, Burton, and a friend, Craig Hammond had tried earlier to get Manson to sign over his body on his death to the two conspirators, but he refused.
According to journalist, Daniel Simone, Burton wanted to marry Manson, even though he was behind bars, solely to gain possession of his body when he died. She had found out that on the death of someone in the California prison system, the deceased's body is released into the custody of the next of kin.
Burton and her pal wanted to lay out Manson's body inside a glass crypt, recreating a California version of Lenin's Tomb. They figured thousands of people would be willing to pay big money to get a view of the convicted killer. But Manson is pretty sharp, for a man behind bars. Simone says he had no intention of getting married.“He’s finally realised that he’s been played for a fool,” Simone said.
Simone probably knows the truth behind the plot to get Manson's body better than anyone else. She has interviewed him extensively and is planning on writing a book about him. She says Manson believes he is immortal and will never die, and lying in a glass box is a "stupid idea."
Simone goes even further, saying Manson never had any intention of marrying Star. He played along with her because she always brought him presents. But now that the marriage license has expired, the ball, as they say, is back on Burton's side of the court. And, not only that, but Manson has been unable to receive visitors because he is being treated for an infection. He entered the prison medical facility about two months ago.
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