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Car spotted transporting a van on its roof in Spain [Video]

By Anne Sewell     Nov 10, 2015 in Odd News
Segovia - Spain's Civil Guard are seeking the owner of a Ford Focus vehicle, seen driving in an industrial area of Segovia while transporting a van on the car's roof.
This must be among the most stupid stunts ever pulled by a driver. The video included above was uploaded to YouTube on November 6, 2015 by Zamora News and was reportedly taken by a driver who was passing through the industrial estate in Segovia in the Castile and León region, north of Madrid.
Reportedly the driver who took the video could barely believe his eyes when he spotted the Ford Focus car, driving along with a van balancing on its roof. It was clear there was nothing to secure the van to the car, other than the weight of the load itself, thus offering the potential for extreme danger to other road users in the area.
As the driver passed the strange sight he yelled at the driver, saying, "You have to be from Zamora," and the man, realizing he was being filmed, didn't seem to care a jot and merely waved his arm proudly at the other driver and carried on his way.
According to ABC (in Spanish), the driver of the dangerously balanced car and its load won't be quite so proud when the Civil Guard get hold of him, however. At the very minimum the driver will receive a fine of 500 euros for reckless driving and will lose up to six points from his driver's license.
Thanks to the video uploaded to YouTube by Zamora News, the local police and Civil Guard will be able to investigate the incident and will hopefully be able to identify and track down the offending driver.
Reportedly the former owner of the van that was being carried in the incident has already been contacted by the police and said he had gotten rid of the vehicle some time ago.
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