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Long Johns will be the best gift to give this Valentine's Day

By Karen Graham     Feb 10, 2016 in Environment
Don't expect everything to be coming up hearts and flowers this coming Valentine's Day weekend, and if you're still undecided about the perfect gift to give your sweetheart, a heavy scarf or long johns might be appropriate. It's going to be cold, folks.
You can call it a polar vortex or Arctic freeze, but one thing is for sure, it is going to get bitterly cold, so cold that, well, you know how cold it will be.
The coldest temperatures of the winter are expected to cover mush of the United Staes over this Valentine's Day weekend, bringing record-breaking temperatures to the Northeast and sub-zero temperatures to the Midwest.
A southern dip of the polar jet stream coming out of the Canadian Arctic could impact states from the Midwest to South Carolina, according to Fox News.
The Accuweather forecast expects the cold air to move directly south from Eastern Canada, avoiding the Great Lakes, which would normally warm the air a bit. And after almost a month of temperatures averaging 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, we will be seeing temperatures plunging to 10 to 20 degrees below normal.
Surprisingly, except for the Great Lakes region, little or no snow accumulation is expected from this icy blast. But over 50 million people will be in the direct path of the cold air, from Maine to North Dakota to Virginia. People are being warned the cold air will be dangerous to those outdoors who are not properly dressed.
Ryan Maue/Twitter
In addition to the dangers of frostbite and hypothermia, there is the real possibility of pipes freezing, water mains rupturing and car batteries going dead. It is also a good idea to check on elderly neighbors and to keep pets indoors, if possible. For those people that must go out of doors, remember to dress in layers.
Believe it or not, but while those of us in the East are trying to stay warm, the Pacific Northwest to California and into Arizona will be basking in the heat as temperatures reach into the 70s and 80s. The cold air is expected to move out rapidly on Monday, with temperatures returning to typical February numbers, whatever that might be.
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