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article imageGE launches next generation wind turbine

By Tim Sandle     Oct 18, 2018 in Environment
Steeping up its activities in the renewables market., GE’s subdivision - Renewable Energy- has revealed a new type of wind turbine platform. The device, designed for onshore use, is called Cypress.
The Cypress onshore turbine platform was designed and built in Germany. In trials using a prototype called the 4.8-158, the turbine was shown to produce a 50 percent boost compared with GE’s current 3MW wind turbine systems. Here the 5.3-158 Cypress turbine can generate in-excess of 20 GWh per year. This represents a 50 percent increase in Annual Energy Production compared with the expected life of a 3 MW platform. The renewables industry took more than 20 years to install the first 17 GW of wind power. Since then various iterations have rapidly led to major energy generating improvements.
Annual Energy Production (AEP) is the total amount of electrical energy it produces over a year, measured in kilowatt hours or megawatt hours (kWh or MWh). It is a key factor for investors in renewable energy. AEP affects the calculation of the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), where tiny shifts in AEP can lead to large changes in the project IRR.
The Cypress system makes use of a two-piece blade design, which improves the AEP. The new machine comes with a colossal rotor whose diameter spans the length of more than one-and-a-half American football fields. This allows the blade to be manufactured to relatively long-lengths, and for it to be positioned more optimally. The blades are made from carbon and they have built by Global Research Center and LM Wind Power.
The system is powered by an induction generator based on new 'drivetrain architecture'. The overall system helps to reduce electrical demand and enables the new turbines to be situated in locations hitherto regarded as inaccessible.
The turbine is also relatively efficient and it is less sensitive to wind speed variations, increasing predictability and the ability to generate more power at low wind speeds.
Commenting on the new design, Pete McCabe, CEO of GE Onshore Wind told Smart2Zero: “Our mission is to enable our customers to set the pace for lowering the LCOE around the world, as their needs continue to evolve. The Cypress platform builds on our track record of success and positions our technology for scalability and flexibility for the coming years.”
The turbine is produced in the German town of Salzbergen and shipments should begin by the end 2018. The aim is to place the turbines in new locations and to lower the costs for users in terms of assembly time. The new design also makes the turbine easier to service and maintain.
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