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Black bears have close call with tourists blocking bridge

By Micki Hogan     May 9, 2015 in Environment
Montana Parks and Wildlife posted a video reminding tourists that although they may want to, no one should ever get too close to a bear.
Video footage was recently released by KTVQ in Billings MT showing a mother black bear and her three young cubs attempting to cross a bridge in the Montana wild near Gardnier Montana. In order to cross the bridge the mother bear faced a dilemma. Tourists had gathered with their cameras in tow to photograph the animals. During the video you can see both ends of the bridge tourists had gathered blocking the bears on the bridge.
During the video you can see the mother becoming distressed. She begins to pick up her pace as if she is attempting to push the tourists back in order to allow her children to cross the bridge safely. Some tourists narrowly escape as the mother bear began a direct path towards them. At one point you can hear a bystander screaming to get out of the way. You then hear him screaming "Watch out little girl". The girl is then heard whimpering as the bear pressed forward.
Some tourists seem to take their time and their disregard for the bears prompted the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department to post a reminder to the public regarding safety and allowing animals plenty of room to roam.
It serves as a reminder that wildlife can be unpredictable. For your safety and theirs, respect wildlife and give them room to roam. View and photograph from established observation areas. Stay a safe distance to reduce stress on wildlife. Luckily, no one was hurt and these bears made it safely back to the forest.”
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