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article imageOp-Ed: Huge $1.7bn of ice bust hits Mexican cartels

By Paul Wallis     Feb 8, 2019 in Crime
A huge load of ice, the drug of choice for idiots, was headed to Australia, but got caught in a classic cop story tale . An outback cop stopped a car, found ice making stuff, police investigated, notified the US authorities, and hey presto, a mega-bust.
The huge 1.3 ton ice bust is perhaps one of the biggest of all time. A network of motorcycle gangs, expat Americans, and a refreshing dose of one of Mexico’s more appealing, and more violent drug gangs, had set up the move.
The Mexican connection is so sensitive it’s not even being mentioned at this stage in Australian media. The ice was stashed in electronic equipment in California, which indicates the reach of the suppliers and their ability to move drugs around the world. Where can’t you shop electronics around the world?
Australia is one of the biggest ice using countries in the world, which means if nothing else that garbage can be sold anywhere. Ice is a very substandard type of speed/methamphetamine, an old class of drugs notorious for its physical damage, as well as its charming psychotic behaviours.
Ice has been on the rampage in Australia for a decade, and apparently the market is big enough for this sort of money. That $1.7bn is retail value, but it’d be a pretty big hit to the suppliers.
One thing which hasn’t been too clear is Australian arithmetic about exactly how many doses this bust represents. According to official statements, the 1.3 tons equates to 17 million hits of ice. No, it doesn’t, unless someone has a fantastic tolerance for ice.
1.3 tonnes = 13,000kg = 13 million grams. Divide by 17 million, and you get 0.764g per dose. You could flatten a horse with that. You’d definitely get a pretty strong hit off 100mg, for example.
Online information isn’t much clearer about dosage, either. Nice to know the great tradition of drug laws, rich criminals, and publicity mad politicians trundles on regardless, isn’t it?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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