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Prime Minister Dlamini of eSwatini dies

Mbabane - Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini of eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland, has died at the age of 76, the national television announced late Saturday.

AU calls for eSwatini to end ban on political parties

Mbabane - African Union election observers urged eSwatini Saturday to lift a ban on political parties and allow candidates to campaign freely in the tiny country, which went to the polls this week.

King's absolute rule towers over eSwatini election

Mbabane - Voters in the African kingdom of eSwatini, previously known as Swaziland, cast ballots Friday in an election where political parties are banned and winning candidates are sidelined by a monarch who wields absolute power.

Seeking votes in eSwatini, where the king's rule is absolute

Manzini - On a patch of grass beside a mountain track, eSwatini parliamentary candidate Alec Lushaba makes one final push for votes -- addressing an audience of five women and four children.

King renames Swaziland as 'eSwatini'

Mbabane - The king of Swaziland, one of the world's few absolute monarchs, announced on Thursday that his country had changed its name to eSwatini to mark 50 years since independence from British rule.

Swazi princess weaves royal raps in defence of monarchy

- Sitting on a cushion under a tree on a hot and dusty farm with a reality TV show crew standing by, Swaziland's royal princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini lays down a quick-fire rap."Where's my next breath? The one that you promised me.

'Sharpshooter' cancer drug ready for human trials, stops cancer

Cancer researchers from Toronto and Los Angeles combined research efforts and the result is a drug they call a "sharpshooter" for its ability to pinpoint enzymes and stop cancer, without harming healthy tissue. The drug is ready for human testing.

Swaziland official: 150m-altitude limit for witches on brooms

One of Swaziland's top civil aviation officials has cautioned all witches to keep their flying brooms below the legal 150 meter altitude limit or risk facing stiff penalties.

Op-Ed: Swaziland and the right to wear a mini-skirt

Women in Swaziland risk being arrested if caught wearing mini-skirts, tops which expose part of their stomach or low-rise jeans.

Diesel+EDUN combines passion, fashion, and business

EDUN, the fashion company founded by rock star Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, has teamed up with well-known denim brand Diesel. Products sourced or made entirely in Africa will be available in Spring 2013, all bearing the "Diesel+EDUN" label.

Op-Ed: Anyone else out there hoping the NHL lockout drags on?

Look, I'm a pretty big hockey fan and next to my son's Pee Wee league, the NHL is tops with me. It's a great league and when not dealing with their contracts, professional hockey players seem like fine humans.

Police arrest pro-democracy protest leaders in Swaziland

Mbabane - A security police force in Swaziland has begun a clampdown on pro-democracy protests in the Swaziland capital, Mbabane. Leaders of one of the main trade union movements in the southern African nation have been arrested and detained.

Swazi government keeps distance as democracy demonstrations swell Special

Manzini - In contrast to its heavy-handed response to previous demonstrations, the Swazi government is mostly staying clear of protestors during this week’s Global Week of Action protests across the country.

'People first' stressed on 20th Anniversary edition of HDR

New York - People are the real wealth, reiterates the 20th anniversary edition of Human Development Report (HDR) 2010. It also comes up with three new measures for discussing poverty and inequality.

11-year-old albino girl killed and beheaded in Swaziland

An 11-year-old albino girl was walking home when she was shot in front of her friends in Swaziland. Her headless body was found a short time later.

New top-10 list ranks countries on extent of ecological damage

Adelaide - The USA, China and Australia all share one thing in common today -- they have been found to be three of the top-ten most environmentally destructive countries in the world.

Kenyan Rangers Arrest Poachers After Rare White Rhino Killing

Game rangers in Kenya have arrested 12 suspected rhino poachers after a rare 10-year-old female white rhino was shot its horns hacked off for sale overseas as an aphrodisiac.

African Sickle-Cell Anemia Deaths Heighten By Vaccine Shortage

Despite readily available vaccines, death rate of sickle-cell anemia in African children remains to be a growing concern, researchers said Thursday.

HIV babies falling through the cracks

After a UNICEF conference it has been found that an estimated 900 babies are at risk each year in Africa as their Mothers are not getting adequete treatment from the governemnt to prevent contracting HIV at birth.

First Suspected Cases of Swine Flu Reported in South Africa

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and South Africa’s National Health Department have confirmed two suspected cases of Swine Flu, both in people who have recently travelled and been to Mexico.
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