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Solomon Islands 'planning Facebook ban' over posts criticising govt

Honiara - The Solomon Islands is reportedly planning to ban Facebook after the government received harsh criticism on the social media platform, sparking outrage among rights groups and opposition figures in the Pacific island nation.

Briton, Australian killed clearing WWII bomb in Solomons

Honiara - Two bomb disposal experts from Britain and Australia died in the Solomon Islands when World War II ordnance they were helping to clear exploded, officials said Monday.

Princes Charles urges Solomons to embrace 'bio-economy'

Honiara - Prince Charles called on the Solomon Islands to better protect its forests Monday, saying embracing the "bio-economy" was vital to the Pacific nation's future prosperity.

Solomons vetoes Chinese 'lease' on Pacific island

Honiara - A Chinese company's attempt to lease an entire island in the Pacific archipelago was unlawful and will not be allowed to go ahead, the Solomon Islands said Friday.

Why the Solomons is mulling China diplomatic switch

Honiara - China looks poised to gain an ally in the strategic Pacific region this month as a new Solomon Islands leadership sours on decades of "useless" diplomatic ties to Taiwan.

Op-Ed: Who’s afraid of China’s Belt and Road? Guess

Sydney - Superficial analysis of China is easy. They’re communists. Everything they do is therefore wrong and a threat to “us”, whoever that is these days. So when a big initiative like the New Silk Road, aka the Belt and Road, comes along, it’s tricky.

Solomon Islands hit by massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake

A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake erupted along a fault near the Solomon Islands Friday morning, prompting Pacific Tsunami Warning Center to issue a tsunami alert for some coasts.

Catch a glimpse of the world's first-ever glowing sea turtle

In the dark depths of the nighttime ocean, marine biologists filmed something they had never seen before: A sea turtle glowing a brilliant green and red. The turtle is the first reptile that scientists have observed with this trait.

Snowden docs: New Zealand spying on Pacific allies for NSA

Wellington - New Zealand has been spying on its small, friendly Pacific neighbors and Indonesia and is sharing the intelligence with international allies including the US National Security Agency, according to new revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Op-Ed: Ailing Singapore dolphins and dubious SeaWorld connections

Sentosa - Captive dolphins in Singapore made the headlines this week — for all the wrong reasons. Water quality, disease, and a dubious link to a SeaWorld-funded website, raised several eyebrows and great concern.

Disease threatens flood-hit Solomons

Honiara - The flood-ravaged Solomon Islands was facing a new threat Monday as the first signs of disease emerged in camps sheltering thousands of displaced residents in the capital Honiara, aid workers said.

Death toll in Solomons flooding rises to nine

Honiara - The confirmed death toll from flash floods in the Solomon Islands rose to nine Saturday and was expected to continue climbing, authorities said, as reports emerged of children swept away in swollen rivers.

UPDATE 5:35 a.m.: Tsunami warning issued for South Pacific

A tsunami warning has been issued for areas in the south western portion of the Pacific Ocean after a magnitude 8 earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands.

Charges lining up for Resorts World Sentosa over dolphin import

Singapore - Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is facing indirect contempt charges in a Philippine court after importing 11 of 27 dolphins purchased from the Philippines. Environmental groups claim RWS imported the marine mammals before the case was fully heard.

Dolphin headed for Singapore oceanarium dies during flight

A male dolphin suddenly dies on board an aircraft on its way to Singapore to be transferred to the Marine Life Park from its temporary training ground in the Philippines.

Minor genetic quirk causes Melanesian Solomon people’s blond hair

Honiara - About a quarter of the inhabitants of the Solomon Islands archipelago have dark skin and blond hair. Scientists have identified the reason for the unusual characteristic, dispelling the former belief that the blond hair originated from European genes.

Solomon Islands hit by earthquake

The Solomon Islands, situated in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia and southwest of Hawaii, were struck by an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale today Jan 9. There is not thought to be a threat of a widespread tsunami.

Idyllic South Pacific islands running dangerously low on water

Two Polynesian islands in the South Pacific are running so low on water its residents expect to run out of drinking water within one to two weeks. Tokelau and Tuvalu are typical tropical islands of paradise but now they face an environmental crisis.

Strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake rocks Solomon Islands, no tsunami

Honiara - A powerful 6.7-magnitude earthquake has struck the Solomon Islands. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center states that there is no tsunami warning.

Solomon Islands experiences 6.8 magnitude earthquake

Honiara - The Solomon Islands was struck with a 6.8 magnitude earthquake but there have been no reports of injuries or deaths and no tsunami is expected.
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