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Police clash with French islanders fearing coronavirus among tourists

La Providence - Police used tear gas on protesting residents of France's Indian Ocean territory Reunion Island on Sunday who tried to block passengers of a cruise ship turned away from nearby Madagascar for fear there may be people infected with the coronavirus on boa...

Review: Sandi Morris wins 1st place in 2019 IAAF Diamond League in Rabat Special

Rabat - American pole vaulter Sandi Morris has a major reason to celebrate. On June 16, she won at the 2019 IAAF Diamond League in Rabat.

Shark attack kills surfer off France's Reunion

La Providence - An attack by a shark has killed a surfer off France's Indian Ocean island of Reunion, the latest fatality in increasingly dangerous waters, emergency services said on Thursday.

French island rocked by cost-of-living protests

La Providence - Thirty police officers have been injured in five days of protests over rising living costs on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, the government in Paris said Wednesday.

Killer of British ex-commando on French island gets prison

La Montagne - A court on France's Indian Ocean island of Reunion on Friday sentenced a 30-year-old man to 15 years behind bars for the killing of a British ex-commando in 2011.

Two police wounded by 'Islamist' on France's Reunion island

La Montagne - A man suspected of being a radicalised Islamist shot and wounded two policemen on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion as they tried to arrest him on Thursday, authorities said.

Shark kills bodyboarder on Reunion island

Rivi - A 26-year-old man bodyboarding off of Reunion island was killed by a shark on Tuesday, local officials said, in the latest attack in the waters of the Indian Ocean holiday destination.

Chinese families of MH 370 victims protest proposed end of search

Beijing - Family members of passengers aboard ill-fated Maylasia Airlines Flight 370 demonstrated outside China's Foreign Ministry on Friday, demanding to meet officials who propose suspending the high-tech search for the jet if it is not found by year's end.

Searchers see end to two-year hunt for Malaysia Airlines MH370

Putrajaya - Countries still looking for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with little success may be getting ready to call off the search.

Second possible MH370 plane part found in Reunion

La Montagne - A resident on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion who last year found a wing fragment from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 said on Sunday he had come across a second possible piece from the missing plane.

Metal piece found in Mozambique could be from lost plane

Sydney - A meter-long piece of metal debris found on a beach in Mozambique could have come from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Austrialian aviation officials acknowledged today in Sydney.

Floating object spotted near where MH370 debris found on Reunion

La Montagne - An Air France pilot Tuesday spotted a white object floating in the water during an approach to Reunion island, where a wing part of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was found in July, the airline said.

France calls off search for MH370 wreckage off Reunion

La Montagne - France on Monday said it was calling off the hunt for wreckage from missing flight MH370 after 10 days of air and sea searches off its Indian Ocean territory of Reunion yielded no results.

France to conduct MH370 searches off Reunion until Monday

La Montagne - France will conduct air and sea searches off its Indian Ocean territory of Reunion until the start of next week for debris from missing flight MH370, the island's top official said on Wednesday.

MH370 search resumes on Reunion island

La Montagne - The hunt for more wreckage from the missing MH370 resumed on France's Reunion island in the Indian Ocean on Sunday after being suspended since Friday, local officials said.

Plane debris appears to be from Flight 370, tests show

Kuala Lumpur - Initial tests show plane debris found on an Indian Ocean island last week appears to be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, officials said Wednesday.

New debris found on island in hunt for MH370 answers

Rivi - Investigators probing missing flight MH370 collected more debris on an Indian Ocean island Sunday as Malaysia urged authorities in the region to be on alert for wreckage washing up on their shores.

MH370 clues mount as wreckage identified as Boeing 777

Rivi - Malaysian authorities confirmed Friday that plane wreckage washed up on an Indian Ocean island was from a Boeing 777, meaning the part is almost certainly from missing flight MH370.

Luggage piece found on French island near possible MH370 debris

Rivi - Part of a bag was found Thursday on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion not far from plane debris which has fuelled speculation it may be from missing flight MH370.

'A weird thing on the shore' sparks MH370 speculation

Rivi - Johnny Begue had no idea as he wandered along the shore looking for a pebble to grind up chillies that he would stumble across a piece of plane wreckage which would draw the eyes of the world to his tiny island home.
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