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Qatar 'regrets distress' of invasive searches on women passengers

Doha - Qatar expressed regret on Wednesday after women on 10 flights were forced to endure invasive physical examinations, and announced an investigation that an informed source said could lead to criminal prosecutions.

Qatar faces scrutiny after women 'forcibly examined'

Doha - Revelations that passengers flying through Doha were forced to endure vaginal inspections have upended Qatar's efforts to boost its reputation before the Gulf state hosts World Cup 2022, experts say.

Fury after Qatar 'forcibly examined' women at airport

Doha - Female passengers flying from Qatar were subjected to invasive searches after a premature baby was found abandoned in an airport bathroom, in procedures the Australian government on Monday described as "grossly disturbing" and "offensive".

Macron comments provoke Mideast ire, boycotts of French goods

Doha - Calls to boycott French goods are growing in the Arab world and beyond, after President Emmanuel Macron criticised Islamists and vowed not to "give up cartoons" depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Afghan president urges Taliban to 'have courage' and silence guns

Doha - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani called on the Taliban to "have courage and declare a national ceasefire" on Tuesday as he visited Doha where peace talks between government and Taliban negotiators have stalled.

Afghan government presses truce demand in Taliban talks

Doha - The Afghan government on Monday pressed its calls for a truce with the Taliban, reiterating its desire for a long-term ceasefire at historic talks in Qatar.

At Afghan peace talks, the hard work begins

Doha - Peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators get down to business Sunday, with the search for a lasting ceasefire one of many key issues up for discussion.

Taliban could swap inmates for truce: Afghan govt peace chief

Doha - The Taliban could offer a truce in exchange for the release of its jailed fighters, the head of the peace process for the Afghan government said as talks opened Saturday.

Historic talks begin between Taliban, Afghan government

Doha - Historic peace talks opened between the Taliban and the Afghan government on Saturday, with the warring parties meeting face to face in Qatar even as violence continued on the ground in Afghanistan.

Parkour piques interest in Doha's urban jungle

Doha - Three friends perform synchronised backflips off a dry stone fountain near one of Doha's top luxury hotels, an unusual sight in the normally staid Gulf city.

World Cup 2022 organisers to cut staff: sources

Doha - The organisers of the 2022 World Cup will lay off an undisclosed number of staff as gas-rich Qatar cuts costs amid the coronavirus economic downturn, several sources have told AFP.

Gulf crisis sees new 'fake news' flurry online

Doha - A tweet claiming to show the start of a coup in Qatar, with shaky footage of an illuminated window and crackling gunfire, spread quickly after being posted early last month.

Made in Qatar: embargo and pandemic stoke autonomy drive

Doha - A Qatari arms factory that makes rifles and grenade launchers has added a product that saves rather than takes lives -- ventilators, needed at home and abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Deadlock as Qatar embargo marks three-year anniversary

Doha - A bitter feud between Qatar and a Saudi-led alliance drags into a fourth year on Friday with no end in sight.

Qatar virus tracing app stirs rare privacy backlash

Doha - Privacy concerns over Qatar's coronavirus contact tracing app, a tool that is mandatory on pain of prison, have prompted a rare backlash and forced officials to offer reassurance and concessions.

Qatar confirms virus in jail, denies widespread outbreak

Doha - Qatar confirmed 12 cases of COVID-19 at a jail on Tuesday as campaign group Human Rights Watch warned other prisoners could be at risk of contracting the disease.

Pompeo in highest-level US talks with Taliban to break impasse

Doha - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late Monday met Taliban leaders in Qatar in the highest-level talks ever between the two sides as he sought to break an impasse over Afghanistan through shuttle diplomacy.

Afghanistan's future in the balance as US, Taliban sign deal

Doha - Washington and the Taliban are set to sign a long-sought deal in Doha on Saturday that would see the two foes agree to the withdrawal of thousands of US troops from Afghanistan in return for insurgent guarantees.

Uncertainty looms ahead of US-Taliban deal signing

Doha - Washington and the Taliban are set to sign a deal Saturday to secure America's exit from its longest war through gradually withdrawing troops and starting talks between Kabul and the insurgents.

Qatar eyes diplomatic win with US-Taliban deal

Doha - Providing neutral space for talks on ending Afghanistan's 18-year conflict has boosted Qatar's international profile and helped it defy a painful embargo enforced by neighbours and former allies.
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