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Top News: Politics

Op-Ed: Dick Cheney's lack of care for innocent is America at its lowest

He is a de facto representative of the U.S, Dick Cheney. No longer in an office but still part of the political landscape. A player, maybe even the player in the GOP. And, as a recent interview shows, he is arrogant, smug and pridefully populist.

Op-Ed: North Korea and Cuba: Barack Obama and Rand Paul have it right

Rarely are Barack Obama and Rand Paul on the same side of history, but when it comes to combating communism both men have the right idea: Let it compete with the free market and allow the best policy to win. This could be a game-changer in 2016.

North Korea denies Sony hacking, threatens U.S. with consequences

North Korea issued a statement Saturday demanding a joint probe with the U.S. over the Sony hacking scandal. The statement claimed the country's innocence and threatened reprisals if the U.S. refuses to investigate the hacking with them.

Op-Ed: George Soros may be appointed head of National Bank of Ukraine

Kiev - There are several reports about billionaire American business tycoon and philanthropist, George Soros, possibly being the next president of the Ukrainian National Bank (NBU).

NDP's Faisal Hassan, running for Etobicoke North nomination Special

Toronto - After serving the NDP and the Canadian public in various capacities, Mr. Faisal Hassan, a prominent social activist and human rights advocate is seeking the NDP nomination for the next Federal election in Etobicoke North.

Wyoming Capitol Square Project over time and over budget

Unforeseen complications are slowing down the work on the renovation project of Wyoming’s Capitol and the adjacent Herschler Building. These complications will also send the base $259 million price tag climbing.

New bill in Missouri: Women need 'permission' for an abortion

Jefferson City - Missouri already has one of the harshest abortion laws in the country. But if a GOP lawmaker gets his way, a woman will have to get a written letter of permission from the father before an abortion can be performed, unless it's a "legitimate rape."

Assembly rejects proposal to ban commercial marijuana

Anchorage - An Anchorage, Alaska ordinance that would have counteracted a recently passed statewide voter initiative failed Tuesday following hours of public comment.

Dick Cheney admits some CIA terror detainees were innocent

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney acknowledged for the first time on Sunday that some of the men and boys detained as terrorism suspects after 9/11 were in fact innocent.

Op-Ed: U.S. opens relations with Cuba after 53 years Special

Havana - President Barack Obama’s administration and Havana announced Wednesday that they were opening relations after 53 years. Some, but not all political prisoners were being released, including American Alan Gross, whose case had drawn wide attention.

Op-Ed: Bah Humbug! The economy of 2014 in a nutshell

As 2014 comes to a close, new studies conclude what we already knew: the middle class is steadily disappearing and the rich are getting richer. What’s worse, this trend is apparently endemic to our economic system, and there is no end in sight.

Torture memo author John Yoo admits CIA may have gone too far

John Yoo, the former Justice Department lawyer who authored a series of notorious memos cited by the Bush administration to justify the torture of terrorism detainees, acknowledged on Sunday that the CIA may have broken the law.

NYC police tell De Blasio to stay away from their funerals

New York City - New York City's cops don't want Mayor Bill De Blasio coming to their funerals if they die in the line of duty. The Patrolman's Benevolent Association has been distributing fliers that say: "DON'T LET THEM INSULT YOUR SACRIFICE'

Op-Ed: Southern Syria a different story from the media narrative Special

Most of the media focus on Syria these days is to do with the violence of Islamic State. They control large areas in the north and east of the country. In the south however, there is a different situation.

Protesters sound off in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley

San Francisco - Thousands of Californians returned to the streets of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley on Saturday in a show of support for larger protests against recent shootings of unarmed black men by police in other states.

Op-Ed: Dismal New Year's for Putin

Moscow - Perhaps it’s a good thing that Russia’s government is calling off New Year’s Eve parties. They probably would fizzle. Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine adventures have led to the price of condoms and hookers rising.

Congress gives sacred Native American land to mining company

San Carlos - Attached to the 2015 defense spending bill approved by the United States Senate on Friday is a provision giving sacred Native American land to a foreign mining company partnered with the government of Iran.

Pastor dresses horse in wedding gown, compares it to gay marriage

A Mississippi pastor dressed a horse in a wedding gown and stood in front of the Jackson, Miss. federal courthouse with signs protesting gay marriage Friday. He was protesting a federal judge having struck down the state's same-sex marriage ban.

Native Americans can now grow, sell pot on reservations in U.S.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced on Thursday that Native American tribes will now be able to grow and to sell marijuana on their lands. Even if the state the tribe is in has not legalized marijuana tribes will not be held to that state's laws.
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Top News: Politics
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