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Op-Ed: CIA-linked Haftar will probably sabotage any Libyan peace deal

Tripoli - UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, proposed a unity government composed of a three-person presidential council but it also would incorporate the House of Representatives of the Tobruk-based internationally recognized government.

Op-Ed: Montreal protests target Quebec government austerity policies

Montreal - Police used tear gas and reportedly sound bombs and fired rubber bullets on Tuesday to disperse students who were protesting provincial Quebec government austerity policies that included severe cuts to education funding.

Op-Ed: Worker-owned co-ops—An alternative to unions v. ‘right to work’

A worker-owned business that gives workers a share of the profits and a say in how the company is run is better than a union, better than right-to-work legislation.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz doesn't stand a chance this time around

Washington, D. C. - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official major candidate for president. He won't win the GOP nomination, but winning in 2016 is likely not his game plan. He is playing the long game and will win through 2016 martyrdom.

Op-Ed: Harper to expand and extend Canada's fight against ISIS

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has presented a motion before parliament that would renew its mission as part of the coalition led by the US that is fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS or IS).

Why Ted Cruz is signing up for Obamacare

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the Tea Party favorite who has made repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—aka Obamacare—a central pillar of his political raison d'être, is signing up for... Obamacare.

Op-Ed: Inside China’s silent onslaught on Washington

International institutions are one of the most enduring legacies of the post- World War II US-sponsored American world order.

Okinawa governor stops work on U.S. air base

Naha - Governor Takeshi Onaga of the southern Japanese island of Okinawa has ordered a branch of the Defense Ministry to suspend all work in an area where a key U.S. military air base was to be relocated.

Op-Ed: Deadly force shootings-AZ bill would keep police names secret

Phoenix - Rumain Brisbon. Tamir Rice. Akai Gurley. Kajieme Powell. Ezell Ford. Mike Brown. All young, black, and male. And all shot dead by police under questionable circumstances.

Op-Ed: Canadian Bar Association critical of Harper anti-terror bill

Ottawa - The Canadian Bar Association(CBA) harshly criticized the Conservative Harper government's new anti-terror bill C-51, claiming it has measures that would deprive Canadians of liberties while not increasing their safety.

Supreme Court hears free speech case over Confederate flag plates

Austin - On Monday, 23 March, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a free-speech challenge to the decision by the state of Texas to refuse a proposal by the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) for state-issued license plates featuring the Confederate battle flag.

Op-Ed: How social justice warriors are ruining universities

Toronto - While students educate themselves in majors that will not give them jobs, another worrisome issue has risen. The infestation of social justice warriors are turning our young people into whiny, gutless cowards.

Op-Ed: Haftar and Tobruk government try to sabotage Libya peace talks

Rabat - The UN and western powers simply refuse to face the fact that the internationally recognized government of Abdullah al-Thinni in Tobruk and his newly minted CIA-linked military chief Khalifa Haftar are on a mission to recapture Tripoli.

Op-Ed: Chinese dissident criticizes Obama, praises Hillary Clinton

In a Voice of America interview, a blind Chinese dissident blamed the Obama White House for trying to force him out of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, where he had sought refuge in 2012, but praised former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her help.

Op-Ed: Fun times as Canadian born Ted Cruz (Dad Cuban!) seeks Presidency

Many members of the Tea Party were among those loonies that jumped on an Internet rumor about U.S. President Barack Obama and turned it into the birther movement. They said he wasn't born in the U.S. - they were way wrong - and so could not be President.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is 1st official 2016 prez candidate, but will fade fast

Lynchburg - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first official presidential candidate of 2016, with sources confirming that he will announce his candidacy on Monday, March 23. While Cruz will quickly falter, he does have a chance to guide the political conversation.

Op-Ed: Last U.S. Special Forces evacuated from Yemen

Sanaa - Houthi fighters along with troops loyal to former president Saleh have taken control of the airport at the southern city of Taiz and also parts of the city, setting up checkpoints at entrance points. Taiz is the third largest city in Yemen.

Canada: Protesters rally against anti-terrorism Bill C-51 Special

Edmonton - Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Edmonton, Alberta to protest against Bill C-51 on Saturday, March 14 at Canada Place.

Op-Ed: European Commission makes $2.15 billion available to Greece

Athens - Head of the European Commission(EC), Jean-Claude Juncker says that 2 billion euros($2.15 billion) in unused funds will be made available to help Greece avoid a looming cash crunch.
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Top News: Politics
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