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Top News: Politics

Turkey's Erdogan suggests emergency could extend to a year

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested on Thursday it may be necessary to keep the state of emergency imposed after the July coup bid in place for at least a year.

Spain's Socialists on brink of 'civil war'

Madrid - Spain's Socialist Party was on the verge of "civil war" Thursday after half its leadership staged a coup, in what could turn out to be good news for those desperate to end the country's political deadlock.

Op-Ed: Interview with Libyan commander Haftar reveals his policies

In written responses to questions from the Associated Press, commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said that his armed forces only recognized the authority of the Al-Thinni House of Representatives (HoR) government.

White House candidate Johnson unable to name any foreign leader

Washington - Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson's longshot bid for the White House appears to have grown even more remote.The former New Mexico governor who asked "What is Aleppo?

US Congress passes spending bill, avoiding shutdown

Washington - The US Congress passed a spending bill late Wednesday and staved off a government shutdown, after reaching agreement on funding for a tainted water crisis in Flint, Michigan that had bedeviled earlier proposals.The fiscal year ends on September 30.

Political killings overshadow Brazilian elections

Rio De Janeiro - The gunning down in broad daylight of a Rio city council candidate ahead of nationwide municipal elections is stoking fears that Brazil's already toxic politics are headed into dangerous new territory.

Arizona newspaper backs first democrat in 126 years

A conservative newspaper in Arizona has threw their support behind Hillary Clinton. It is the first time the newspaper has done so in its 126-year history.

Ontario cancels $3.8 billion in energy contracts

The Ontario government announced Tuesday that they are cancelling the next round of renewable energy contracts for the province. They hope to save $3.8 billion in energy costs, in order to lighten the load on hydro customers.

Trump implies if you don't like government okay not to pay taxes

In Monday night's presidential debate Donald Trump seemed to admit that he does not pay federal income tax and stated the reason he doesn't is because he does not like how the U.S. government spends tax dollars. It's not the first time he's said that.

US Congress rejects Obama's veto of Saudi 9/11 bill

Washington - The US Congress voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to override Barack Obama's veto of a bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, the first such rebuke of his eight-year presidency.

US threatens to end cooperation unless Russia stops Aleppo assault

Aleppo - The United States threatened Wednesday to suspend its engagement with Russia over the conflict in Syria following escalating attacks on rebel-held parts of Aleppo city, including strikes on two hospitals.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump loses debate, beaten badly by Clinton and himself

There's no standard that exists upon our beloved planet, or none that contains the notion of reason, to apply by which Donald Trump won the first presidential debate. But does poor debating skills mean he can't win the presidency?

Op-Ed: Trudeau to retain Harper's cuts to Canadian health care

Ottawa - Back in 2011, the Stephen Harper Conservative government announced, without agreement of the provinces, that funding of health care transfers would be reduced by $36 billion.

Peres sought peace, but dream now rapidly fading

Jerusalem - Shimon Peres, who died Wednesday aged 93, strove for peace with the Palestinians with the Oslo accords he helped negotiate more than two decades ago, but his dream is rapidly fading.

Post-Umbrella Hong Kong opens explosive political chapter

Hong Kong - Two years after the pro-democracy "Umbrella Revolution" began, Hong Kong is entering uncharted political territory as former protesters prepare to take office, advocating a possible split from China.

Spain parliament OKs probe into government 'political police'

Madrid - Spanish lawmakers on Tuesday approved a commission to probe allegations that acting interior minister Jorge Fernandez-Diaz used ministry resources as "political police" against rivals.

Trump launches harsh new personal attack after debate

Washington - Fresh off his presidential clash with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump doubled down Tuesday on criticism of a former Miss Universe he accused of getting too fat, comments that could repel women voters.

Greek lawmakers pass fresh reforms sought by creditors

Atenas - The Greek parliament on Tuesday adopted fresh austerity measures sought by its international creditors, including expediting privatisation of utility companies.

Clinton, Trump: gladiator contest of modern times

Hempstead - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump strode out cloaked in icy politeness. Yet within minutes their debate degenerated into bickering, insults and diatribes -- a gladiatorial contest of modern times.
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