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Top News: Politics

Rick Perry says GOP must court black vote to win election 2016

Should black voters give Republicans a second chance in the coming election? Former governor of Texas Rick Perry seems to think so, and he asked fellow Republicans to work harder than ever to court the black vote during a speech Thursday.

Op-Ed: UN appears to want GNC government to reject peace deal

Skhirat - The most recent fourth draft of a UN-sponsored plan for a unity government in Libya was originally received positively by the Tripoli government and negatively by the internationally-recognized House or Representatives(HoR) government based in Tobruk.

Op-Ed: Translink referendum no vote consigns Vancouver area to chaos

The one million more humans expected to become part of the Greater Vancouver metro area in the next 25 to 30 years have been consigned to transit chaos by those living there now. That is, in effect, the result we learned of today in the transit vote.

Nearly 10,000 attend Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Madison, WI

Madison - Bernie Sanders, the independent socialist senator seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, drew the largest crowd of any 2016 candidate so far, with nearly 10,000 people attending a campaign rally in Madison, WI on Wednesday evening.

'Modifications' to voter ID law disrupt state, federal trials

Winston-salem - A bill softening the strict photo ID requirement in North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) has thrown four lawsuits challenging the law into turmoil.

Russia slashes state funding for 'foreign agent' NGOs

Moscow - Some of Russia's leading NGOs said Thursday that their work would be hit after they were turned down for grants by a government that brands them "foreign agents" under a controversial law.

Op-Ed: Libya peace talks reports leave out everything significant

Skhirat - The US, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain all are calling for a UN-sponsored plan to be endorsed by the rival governments. Bernardino Leon, the UN special envoy to Libya, hopes the parties will agree to his plan later this week.

Russia blasts Finland for barring parliament speaker

Moscow - Moscow on Wednesday slammed Finland for refusing entry to the speaker of Russia's parliament in the latest high-profile spat between the Kremlin and the European Union over the blacklisting of officials due to the Ukraine crisis.

Hope for U.S.-Cuba ties at Havana's 'Park of Sighs'

Havana - As word spread that the United States will soon turn its interests section into a full-fledged embassy in Havana, Cubans standing outside the mission Wednesday voiced hope for a better future.

Donald Trump remarks causes Mexico and NBC to shun Miss Universe

Mexico has decided not to send a contestant to the Miss Universe pageant following derogatory remarks made by Donald Trump. Last week, during his presidential bid, Trump made several insulting comments against Mexicans.

U.S., Cuba agree to restore ties, embassies to reopen

Washington - The United States and Cuba on Wednesday agreed a historic deal to re-establish full diplomatic relations, severed 54 years ago in the heat of the Cold War.

Merkel says 'Europe's future not at stake' in Greek crisis

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that "the future of Europe is not at stake" from the Greek crisis but warned against striking a compromise at any price that could weaken the EU."Yes, these are turbulent days.

Op-Ed: On Donald Trump having no chance, zero, of being U.S. president

Let's start here: It is likely virtually all of you would agree that Donald Trump has the proverbial snowball's chance in hell of becoming the next president of the United States. As much chance as Kanye West has of winning the Most Humble Rapper Award.

Rash of African-American church fires are drawing suspicions

Six black churches across five southern states have been burned in recent days, and arson is suspected in at least three of the incidents.

NYPD outraged by City Council's police reform bills

New York - New York City police are angered over several “police reform” measures City Council members plan to review this week, including bills that would outlaw police using chokeholds and change search and consent procedures.

Op-Ed: Looking back: Is John Roberts becoming an Earl Warren?

Washington - U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts might be the last person to surprise a nation like Chief Justice Earl Warren. Both Republicans, they have surprised the nation.

Turkey may invade Syria to create buffer zone

Ankara - Turkish president Recep Erdogan, in an anti-Kurdish speech, said that he would not allow the formation of a separate Kurdish state in Syria. There are reports he is ordering the military to carve out a buffer zone to prevent IS and Kurdish advances.

CIA photos of 'black sites' demanded for 9/11 trials

The existence of thousands of CIA photographs of secret locations, "black sites," will likely cause another delay of trial of five defendants on trial for planning the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Op-Ed: Paul Krugman applauds the Greek referendum on Troika offer

Athens - Paul Krugman, the American liberal economist, has been consistently critical of the austerity program demanded by the Troika as a condition of releasing the final funds of the Greek bailout that expires on June 30.
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Top News: Politics
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