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Top News: Politics

Macron, 39-year-old maverick eyeing French presidency

Paris - "Neither of the right, nor the left" in his own words, Emmanuel Macron is a 39-year-old former banker hoping to convince the French to take a chance on his brand of youthful optimism.

Turkey's opposition down but not out

Istanbul - Turkey's embattled opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan can still find glimmers of hope in a shifting political landscape despite the strongman winning a controversial referendum that will hugely enhance his powers.The 'No' vote polled 48.

French expatriates vote ahead of knife-edge election

Washington - A day before France votes for a new president, expatriates and residents in overseas territories in the Western Hemisphere cast their ballots Saturday, with some hoping to stop a global wave of right-wing nationalism from claiming their country.

Undecideds: the kingmakers in France's election

Toulouse - They are potentially the kingmakers in the first round of France's hard-fought presidential election, but they still haven't made up their minds -- even though voting is just hours away.

Ironic Hungary demo mocks hardline PM

Budapest - Thousands of Hungarian protestors brandishing satirical placards staged a humourous but seriously intended demonstration Saturday, pouring scorn on the policies of hardline Prime Minister Viktor Orban."Down with the press!" "Down with education!

AG Jeff Sessions resorts to half-truths over sanctuary cities

Washington - On Friday, the Justice Department sent out letters to eight cities, threatening to cut off federal grant money if they don't show cooperation with the government's efforts to enforce illegal immigration regulations.

Clashes as German anti-immigration party power struggle spills over

Cologne - Germany's anti-immigration AfD handed its own leader a humiliating setback Saturday five months before a general election, as thousands of demonstrators rallied against its party congress.

In or out? EU is hot-button issue in French vote

Paris - Such is Marine Le Pen's aversion to the European Union that the French far-right leader demanded the removal of its star-spangled flag from a TV studio before agreeing to a recent interview.

German anti-immigration party AfD heads for weekend showdown

Cologne - Germany's right-wing populist AfD party will attempt to paper over festering rivalries at a weekend party congress to ensure it enters parliament for the first time in September's general election.

Anxious for win, Republicans revive US health care push

Washington - US lawmakers and the White House braced for a hectic coming week in Washington, with Republicans readying new legislation to repeal Obamacare as Donald Trump seeks a victory to cap his 100th day as president.

French election: what you need to know

Paris - Nearly 47 million French voters go to the polls on Sunday in the first round of the country's presidential election.- Why is it important? -France is the EU's second-biggest economy and also one of the world's biggest military and diplomatic powers.

Sex and intrigue of Vatican court drama gets TV treatment

Rome - Italy's Leone Film Group, the company originally founded by spaghetti western master Sergio Leone, is to make an English-language TV series on the so-called "Vatileaks" scandal.

UN chief holds first meeting with Trump

New York - United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday held a brief first meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House, ahead of a visit of Security Council ambassadors to Washington next week.

Turkey opposition appeals referendum result at top court

Ankara - Turkey's main opposition party launched a legal challenge at a top court Friday to last-minute changes to voting rules in the referendum that saw President Recep Tayyip Erdogan win expanded powers.The 'Yes' side won 51.

New actor Trump heightens N. Korea drama: analysts

Seoul - Geopolitical tensions flare every spring on the Korean peninsula, but analysts say the anxiety of recent weeks has been magnified by the unpredictable new player in the annual drama: Donald Trump.

S.Korea president hopeful denies date rape conspiracy

Seoul - South Korean presidential candidate Hong Joon-Pyo Friday denied his own autobiographical confession of complicity in an attempted date rape, as voter outrage mounted.

Trump says 'strong Europe' is important for US

Washington - US President Donald Trump, who once celebrated Britain's decision to leave the European Union, insisted Thursday that he wants the bloc to remain strong.

Ahmadinejad barred as Iran Guardians pick vote candidates

Tehran - Former Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was barred from running in next month's election Thursday while President Hassan Rouhani was among six candidates approved by Iran's conservative-controlled Guardian Council, state media reported.

Illegal crossings into Canada may reach crisis level

Ontario - New figures released by the federal government show that illegal border crossings into Canada continue to rise, with 877 people picked up in March by the RCMP, an increase over the 658 people picked up in February and the 315 in January.
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Top News: Politics