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Top News: Politics

Employees working holidays to be paid double if CA bill passes

Sacramento - Workers in California who work on Thanksgiving and Christmas may get a bit of financial relief if a California lawmaker has her way. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez plans to introduce a bill doubling the pay of employees who work on the two holidays.

Doug says brother Rob Ford faces surgery in effort to beat cancer

The cancerous tumor that sits in Rob Ford is not getting smaller, his brother Doug Ford told the media on Thursday. Rob is expected to undergo a fifth round of chemotherapy before moving on to other treatment options.

Op-Ed: Putin may be losing his Russian roulette game

Moscow - With prominent Russians falling from a Moscow skyscraper and drowning in an OPEC country it may or may not be just a coincidence, but it appeared to indicate that President Vladimir Putin’s economy is dangerously threatened by a growing glut of oil.

Militant preacher/legislator loses appeal of Navy Discharge

Colorado Springs - An ex-Navy chaplain who was elected as a Colorado state legislator despite believing President Obama is possessed by demons has lost an appeal of his discharge from the Navy.

U.S. forces involved in Yemen rescue raid

Sanaa - Yemen security officials announced that eight hostages had been freed from the custody of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP). The operation was in Hadrawmut province.

Op-Ed: Even UN worried about Tripoli air attacks

Tripoli - UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon has been trying his best to persuade the parties in conflict to stop fighting and engage in dialogue. He has stressed that there can only be a political solution to the Libyan conflict.

Op-Ed: Gandhi was imperfect, Martin Luther wasn’t perfect

It is healthy to refuse to believe everything you read. Lies and half-truths have a way of toying with the mind into easy manipulation. Is there an excuse in showing Mahatma Gandhi was a perfect human? In a perfect world, to err wouldn’t be human.

Denmark: Public-supported ban on male circumcision sparks debate

A poll conducted by a newspaper in Denmark showed that almost three-quarters of Danes think that circumcision should be restricted or banned completely, and this prompted Denmark's parliament to debate the issue earlier today.

Op-Ed: The story about Brown and Wilson is bigger than Ferguson

Ferguson - What is happening in Ferguson is a tragedy, but the narrative of looting, arson, and the death of Michael Brown only scratches at the surface of the bigger issue. Police all over America have killed unarmed Americans, and have escaped punishment.

Russia signs new agreement with Abkhazia

Moscow - Russia and Abkhazia have signed an extensive agreement on military issues and Abkhazia agreed to harmonize its foreign and defence policies with those of Russia. A Russian commander will lead a new joint force of Russian and Abkhazian troops.

New FDA rules will require calorie counts on menus

Washington D.c. - The Food and Drug Administration is adding one more soldier to the battle against obesity in Americans by requiring chain restaurants, movie theaters and pizza parlors nationwide to list calorie counts on their menus.

Op-Ed: Canada and U.S. oppose resolution against glorifying Nazism

New York - Last Friday, Canada along with the U.S. opposed a resolution that was meant to combat glorification of Nazism. The only other country to vote against the resolution was Ukraine.

Op-Ed: Top Democrat finally admits Obamacare was mistake

New York - Sen. Chuck Schumer, third-most powerful Democrat in the new Senate minority party, finally came clean on his role in passing Obamacare during a speech on Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Are al-Shabaab smarter or Kenyan police just not smart?

At second glance, the terrorist group is not smarter; it’s the Kenyan intelligence community that is simply clueless and overwhelmed.

Op-Ed: Unidentified jets launch 2 attacks on Tripoli airport

Tripoli - If an unidentified jet bombed an international airport in Jerusalem or even Kiev it would be headline news. In Tripoli, the capital of Libya, however unidentified bombings have happened several times. No one even expresses surprise let alone outrage.

Op-Ed: The real lessons behind the Ferguson grand jury decision

Ferguson - It's a maelstrom in Ferguson, Missouri after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson after he killed Michael Brown, an unarmed teen. Wilson was white, Brown was black, and the case mixed alleged racism with police abuse of force.

Op-Ed: Police change story in Ferguson case

Ferguson - Although St. Louis cops made much to do of witnesses changing stories in the Michael Brown killing, investigators themselves made a significant change in their description of what occurred.

NC Lawmakers told to hand over some docs as voter ID trial nears

Winston-salem - Lawmakers who crafted a sweeping overhaul of North Carolina's voting laws will not have to surrender emails documenting conversations among themselves or with their legislative aides, a U.S. Magistrate Judge has ruled.

Defense secretary resigns, could signal U.S. government shakeup

Washington, D. C. - Speculation about a shakeup at the highest levels of the U.S. government security apparatus were rampant Monday after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced his resignation.
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Top News: Politics
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