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Top News: Food

Budget cuts increasing risks to food safety in Canada

Edmonton - At a news conference on Tuesday in Edmonton, the national president of Canada's Agricultural Union said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) cutbacks in the number of inspections of processing plants is putting people at risk of foodborne illnesses.

Seafood company ordered to shut down over adulterated fish

Los Angeles - A federal judge complied with a request from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and ordered a Los Angeles, California seafood manufacturer to stop producing ready-to-eat smoked and pickled fish because of a failure to control bacterial contamination.

Local restaurant calls out dishonest reviewer on Yelp

Millbrae - The owner of a Chinese restaurant in California, took a stand against a dishonest review, and he says he has video to disprove the negative comments.

There's an alarm clock that brews coffee as you are waking up

Joshua Renouf, a designer, has developed an alarm clock that starts brewing coffee while you are waking up to start the day.

Highly processed foods make up over 60% of our diet

Boston - What's in your grocery bags? You might be surprised to learn that on average, over 60 percent of the calories in products Americans buy in grocery stores comes from highly processed foods, according to a new study.

FDA decides GM apples and potatoes are safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed genetically modified, non-browning apples and bruise-resistant potatoes to be "safe" for consumption.

World's most expensive whisky sold at auction

Hong Kong - Recently the world's most expensive whisky was sold at auction. Sotheby’s, in Hong Kong, sold a bottle of The Macallan whisky for HK$4.9 million ($631,850). This set a world record, ratified by the Guinness Book of Records.

Review: Eating the 'right' kind of calories will make you feel full

A new television program has revealed how knowing which calories to eat, rather than how many, is critical to losing weight.

Australians combine to make dress made of beer

Perth - Australian scientist Gary Cass and fashion designer Donna Franklin put their heads together and created the first dress made of beer. The creation from the two is set to debut at the 2015 World Expo in May and is sure to create a buzz.

Modi's India on way to banning all beef consumption

The western Indian state of Maharashtra banned the slaughter of cows and the sale and consumption of beef on March 3 of this year. But the ban is beginning to have far-reaching economic repercussions, as some businesses falter.

Review: Whisky Live serves up a great show in London Special

London - Whisky Live is an interactive event that tours a number of major cities. On display are a vast range of traditional and new whiskies. There are tastings, master classes and the the opportunity to discuss all things whisky with global experts.

Manipulating baker's yeast for the best loaf

For baking bread the important step is with consistently adding ingredients in the correct order and in the right quantities. This is according to a new genetic study.

Coca-Cola pays health experts to say its soda is a healthy drink

A report says that Coca-Cola pays health and nutrition experts to recommend its soda as part of healthy diet and lifestyle although sugary sodas have been implicated in obesity and several health issues such as diabetes and cancer.

Hangover for Bordeaux wines as Chinese demand dries up

Bordeaux - Sales of France's famous Bordeaux wines fell sharply last year, winemakers said on Thursday, blaming a poor harvest in 2013 and rapidly slowing demand in China, its main export market.

Wine-drinkers delight: Hangover free wine could be on the way

A researcher at the University of Illinois said they can now alter yeast in such a way that they will be able to make wine with more nutritional value - and no hangover effect. Care to drink to that?

Raw milk or pasteurized? The debate over health concerns

The nearest thing to a real dairy cow for many Americans is what they see on TV commercials. Other than that, they know if they want milk, they can purchase it in a nice, clean container at the grocery store.

Costco Canada has license to import fish suspended

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has suspended Costco Canada's license to import fish into the country, according to a March 13 announcement.

Fire guts restaurant of top French chef Marc Veyrat

Grenoble - A devastating fire broke out Tuesday at the Alpine restaurant of celebrity French chef Marc Veyrat, considered by some to be the finest chef in the world with six Michelin stars to his name.

Dairy Queen giving away free ice cream on Monday

Customers who go to a participating Dairy Queen and DQ Grills & Chills on Monday can get themselves some free ice cream.
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Top News: Food
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