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Top News: Food

General Mills flour recall expands as more people become sick

General Mills expanded their flour recall on Monday after federal officials told the company that four more people had fallen victim to the 21-state E. coli outbreak linked to the tainted flour.

Op-Ed: Maine wants to limit what we know about disease outbreaks

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is proposing a change in the state regulation that would make it easier for the agency to withhold information from the public concerning disease outbreaks.

Kapowsin Meats linked to Salmonella outbreak for second time

Seattle - Eleven people who attended a July 3 event in Seattle, Washington and ate pork provided by Kapowsin Meats became sick with a pathogen that has already been linked to a Salmonella outbreak in 2015 that sickened nearly 200 people.

E. coli outbreak in UK sickens 151 people, results in two deaths

London - Public Health England is continuing in its investigation of an outbreak of E. coli O 157, linked to salad greens that has sickened 151 people and resulted in two deaths.

Gentian violet residue behind recall of catfish products by FSIS

A domestic producer of farm-raised catfish in Wisner, LA. is recalling approximately 21,521 pounds of catfish products that may be adulterated with gentian violet, a chemical in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in the US.

Can hot dogs be made healthier?

When it comes to drawing up lists of healthy food, the ever popular hot dog is unlikely to make the final cut. Can this popular street food be made healthier? Chemists think they have the answer.

World's first 3D-printing restaurant to open in London July 25

London - A new kind of pop-up restaurant is opening in London on July 25, and its future tech, 3D-printed selection of food items, is sure to turn some heads. Called "Food Ink," it will be the only place in town where you can have your cake and print it, too.

Are pomegranates the next super-food?

Pomegranates could be the next super-food, at least because of its anti-aging properties. New research has shown how a chemical in the fruit, when processed by gut bacteria, helps protect muscle cells.

General Mills pulls Betty Crocker cake mixes in U.S. and Canada

With the announcement of an international recall of certain Betty Crocker cake mixes due to possible E. coli contamination, General Mills is again warning consumers to not ever eat raw batter or dough.

Flour-related outbreak spurs recall of 22 tons of hors d’oeuvres

Kabob’s Acquisition Inc. is recalling over 22 tons of raw hors d’oeuvres, including chicken quesadillas, mini tarts and steak spring rolls nationwide because they were made with flour linked to an ongoing E. coli outbreak.

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Top News: Food