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Faroese whaling 'ecological', 'respectful': minister

T - For centuries, the Faroe Islands have hunted pilot whales in ritual fashion, herding them into shallow waters to beach them before stabbing them with knives, turning the water a bloody red.

Oil in the Faroe Islands: mirage or miracle?

T - After fuelling hopes of independence from Denmark at the turn of the millennium, the Faroe Islands' dreams of an oil bonanza have turned out to be more of a mirage than a miracle.

Sports-crazed Faroe Islands' quest for Olympic recognition

Klaksv - For elite swimmer Pal Joensen, representing Denmark twice in the Olympic Games just didn't feel right. The Faroe Islands native would have much preferred to compete under the flag of Denmark's autonomous territory in the North Atlantic.

Goodbye Denmark? Faroese weigh pulling free of Danish grip

T - Enough is enough: for the Faroese sailor Birgir Enni, having spent more than half a millennium under Danish rule means it's about time for the North Atlantic autonomous archipelago to break away. "We've been occupied by Denmark for 600 years!

Family ties make Faroese women Europe's top baby makers

Hv - Gunnhild Helmsdal's mailbox has six names printed on it and will soon add a seventh: having a big family is nothing unusual in the Faroe Islands where women have the most babies in Europe despite also having the highest rate of employment.

Op-Ed: Faroe Islands — Foreign activists provoke patriotic reaction Special

The radical actions of foreign opponents to the pilot whale hunt serve to trigger patriotic counter-actions in the Faroe Islands. The majority of Faroese critics of the drive hunts agree the behaviour of many foreign activists is counter-productive.

Op-Ed: From the Faroese perspective – the pilot whale hunt Special

Cooperation rather than confrontation – in this way, whale defenders and the Faroese might jointly contribute to an accelerated end to the pilot whale hunt. Here are some local points of view on it.

Op-Ed: When will the pilot whale hunt end in the Faroe Islands? Special

The pilot whale hunt in the Faroe Islands will end in the not too distant future. In this the Faroese are mostly in agreement, even many of those who are pro-whaling. But until that happens, whale advocates will need to be patient.

Op-Ed: Faroe Islands — Between lethal tradition and awakening Special

A total of 1,534 pilot whales and dolphins had already been slaughtered in the Faroe Islands this year by mid-November. A bitter setback for whale and dolphin protectors. Nevertheless, there is reason for hope.

Faroese are listening about the grindadráp, say dolphin advocates Special

Having just returned from a trip to the Faroe Islands once more to spark a conversation on the islands' controversial pilot whale hunt, two dolphin advocates talked with Digital Journal about their experiences.

John Kerry fighting a different Cold War as Arctic Council meets

Kiruna - Secretary of State John Kerry was engaged in a different type of Cold War last week as he met with representatives of nations bordering the Arctic at the conclusion of Sweden’s two year chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

Over 230 pilot whales killed in Faroe Islands in last two days

236 pilot whales have been slaughtered in back-to-back grinds in the Faroe Islands. Yesterday's total of 196 whales was the largest number of marine mammals killed so far in a grind this year.

Peru and Chile in heated dispute over Jack Mackerel overfishing

Santiago - A lowly fish often used for canning or to make fish-meal and fish-oil to feed higher priced farmed species is causing a serious rift between Peru and Chile, two of the world’s leading capture fisheries countries.

Op-Ed: Dolphin for Dinner? Poor countries increasing dolphin consumption

Recently released reports are saying that dolphins are increasingly making it onto the menus of poorer countries around the world. This isn't just bad news for the mammals.

Bloody images of Danish whale hunt angers activists

Hvalba - Residents of the Faroe Islands took part in a bloody hunt for pilot whale this past week. Pictures of the water turned a dark blood red color have activists fuming. Video of the hunt show as many as a hundred boats being used to herd and kill the whale.

Reduced research funds hamper study of declining Atlantic salmon

Saint Andrews - DFO funds allocated to study the decline of wild Atlantic salmon populations in the Maritime Provinces are declining along with the salmon. The Atlantic Salmon Federation claims that this could worsen the already precarious situation of the fish.

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