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article imageAre you ready for a disaster? Emergency preparedness kit

By Karen Graham     Oct 6, 2016 in Travel
With Hurricane Matthew scratching on our door here on the Atlantic coast of the U.S., orders to evacuate many areas in Florida and other southern states have been issued. So what kind of things do you need to take when you leave home?
Right now, families are evacuating areas expected to be impacted by a Category 4 hurricane, but in any extreme weather conditions, from flooding to heavy snow storms, it is very likely that you will be without power, water or any way to get help if needed.
What to take with you if you have to evacuate ahead of a hurricane
First things first, fill your vehicle with gas, enough to get your family to safety. Make a personal survivor kit for each family member with their name clearly visible on the outside of the kit. The kit can be a backpack or a drawstring laundry bag. Each family member should have one light weight blanket, bath towel, and washcloth.
Lines at gas stations have been long  as people fill-up to get out of town. Governor says state have...
Lines at gas stations have been long, as people fill-up to get out of town. Governor says state have enough gas to last six days.
Connie Ogle/Twitter
The following items can be put into each kit:
1. Personal toiletries, including soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush, comb, one change of underwear, and for babies, disposable diapers to last three days.
2. At least three quarts of water, per person, medications or special dietary needs, eating utensils, granola or snack bars.
3. Flashlight, extra batteries, pocket radio with batteries, matches or lighter, cell phone, identification and emergency medical card, and phone numbers and addresses for emergency contacts.
4. Always take enough cash or traveler's check to last the family for several days.
5. Food items to last several days may also be needed because if you go to a shelter, you have to supply your own food. Be sensible and take items that don't require refrigeration or a microwave to heat. Think ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables and juices.
Please don t forget your pets. They need to be taken to safety  too.
Please don't forget your pets. They need to be taken to safety, too.
Red Cross
Additional things to think about when forced to evacuate
1. Turn off your utilities if you can.
2. Take your pets with you, and make sure to bring along their food and water.
3. Check on elderly neighbors or relatives to see they have evacuated.
4. Let someone, a relative or friend, know you are leaving or where you are going.
Whether you end up evacuating or sheltering in place, remember that you will probably be without many of the necessities of our modern life, like electricity, ATMs, the Internet, and microwaves. So make the best of the situation and most importantly, stay safe.
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