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article image5 ways you should re-imagine your getaway plans in 2015

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By Andrew Moran     Apr 22, 2015 in Travel
The traveling experience has greatly changed over the past decade. With new traveling safety measures in place, technology making a big impact on vacationing and the various developments that the tourism industry has made, taking a vacation is quite different in 2015.
If you're concerned about your pocketbook, you don't have to worry because the cost of traveling won't be more expensive than last year. According to the Washington Post, the cost of a hotel room will jump by 5.7 percent, car rental rates will remain flat and airfares will only go up by 2.5 percent.
This is around the time that most people start considering their travel plans for the busy June-to-August season. If you're unsure what to do check out five reasons you can re-imagine your getaway plans this year.
Curating Your Trip
In recent years, planning a trip has been similar to curating at a museum or art gallery. A curated vacation is a mixture of visits to historical venues, getting to know local residents and imbibing the vast cultural culinary foods. Moreover, the trip is designed to meet the needs and wants of a specific vacationer or travel group - think of it as a customization plan. This is a prudent step because you get to maximize your time during your visit without having to waste your precious moments.
Getting Feedback From Other Trekkers
During the initial planning phase of a vacation, travelers will visit Yelp and TripAdvisor, for instance, to garner feedback about specific travel companies, airlines, hotels and other important aspects to the trip. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily help when it's all lumped into one box (e.g. individuals on a budget or older travelers with different interests). The best way to garner the right feedback is to refine your results to locate travelers who ape your behaviors and interests, which is a lot better than perusing through dozens of pages.
The Grand Celebration Ship
What better way to spend your much deserved vacation time by taking a cruise? Cruises are one of the most cost-effective modes of travel for singles, couples and families. Cruises offer a little bit of everything for everyone: relaxation, adventure, fun, tasty food and, most important of all, treasured memories.
One of the most sought after cruises this year is the Grand Celebration cruise ship. According to Jackie Finley, a representative of Holiday Cruise Line, the Grand Celebration is the only cruise that features, two-, four- and six-night cruise & stay vacations.
"Cruise to Grand Bahama Island - stay 2, 4 or 6 nights in a resort on Grand Bahama Island and then cruise back to S. Florida," said Finley. "Holiday Cruise Line specializes in two-night getaway cruises as well as the Cruise & Stay vacations. "
For both cruise beginners and cruise aficionados, the Grand Celebration's specs are jaw-dropping:
• 751 total cabins (61 percent are ocean view)
• 11 bars, restaurants and lounges
• A multi-level theater with live shows and concerts
• A pool deck with five pools and jacuzzis, a spa and fitness center
• Five 5-star restaurants
With a limitless number of things to do - concerts, gambling, sceneries, sunshine - what else would you want in a vacation?
Offline Vs. Online
Although resorts and hotels are installing Wi-Fi in every part of the nearby vicinity, many travelers are beginning to relish more in an offline world than an online one during a vacation. Since people are constantly connected to their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices throughout their daily routines, a growing number of patrons prefer to stay offline during their stays. Even if you appreciate the investment the hotel industry has made in mobile Internet and you have considered using your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, why not just turn off your phone while you sit by the pool?
Relaxation During a Vacation
Sometimes, taking a vacation is meant for contemplation and internal reflection. Whether you're a single traveler or a family of trekkers, a vacation can be wisely used for self-discovery, coming to a conclusion about what you want out of life and mulling over career decisions. Indeed, vacations come with fun in the sun and memorable adventures, but it can also be allocated for introspection and reverie. This is likely the biggest trend in getaway plans in 2015.
Final Thoughts
Unfortunately, Americans have been taking less and less vacation time in recent years than at any other time in recorded history. It's a surprising stat because why bother working when you can't enjoy the sights and sounds the world has to offer? Traveling is a wise investment because you're learning about cultures, understanding the different ways of life and creating fresh memories to look back on. You and your family can take the plunge and have fun.
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