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article imageWife reveals pregnancy to husband with taste test surprise

By Phyllis Smith Asinyanbi     Oct 28, 2015 in Lifestyle
Eagle River - Cory Williams is a popular YouTube vlogger who vlogs under the name, "DudeLikeHELLA." He makes videos of everyday life, and in this one, his wife Kristen blindfolds him and reveals she's pregnant through a taste test.
As the video begins, Cory tells the audience that he and his wife are going to do something different today. He called it "a taste test challenge."
Kristen, 27, smiled and danced around in the background. She appeared overjoyed.
Cory, 34, then said, "This is her idea."
Kristen held up cards for the viewers. The first one read, "Cory thinks this is a taste challenge, but that's not all this is. One sample is a HUGE surprise."
His wife blindfolded him, then brought pureed foods for him to try. There's a total of four foods in small jars, and she handed him the first one with a spoon.
Cory's first guess was a miss. He thought a jar that Kristen described as ice cream mixed with honey was strawberry and bananas.
She told him the next one is "easy," as he guided his spoon into the jar. Cory got the second one right saying, "I love avocado."
As Kristen handed off the third jar to Cory, she smiled and held up a sign, "I love this man." A heart replaced the letter "o" in love.
Cory mentioned that he loved the way Kristen put the food into "very different little containers."
The first two jars were small, but the third one was a baby food jar.
YouTube vlogger Cory Williams tasting baby food during taste test.
YouTube vlogger Cory Williams tasting baby food during taste test.
He especially enjoyed the contents of this one and recognized the food, "I enjoy this still. It's banana baby food."
Kristen then asked, "Can you think of any reason I'd give you that?" He answered that it was his favorite when he was a little boy.
His wife's smiled turned into a grin and she asked Cory if he knew who else might like this kind of food. He said, "Babies," then chuckled.
She probed a bit and asked if he had any particular babies in mind. It finally dawned on Cory, and he asked, "Ours?"
Kristen then removed the blindfold, and Cory's response was heart touching. He asked a few questions to make sure that it was true, then, kissed his wife, held her and kissed her stomach.
YouTube vlogger Cory Williams  reaction when wife reveals pregnancy.
YouTube vlogger Cory Williams' reaction when wife reveals pregnancy.
Cory, without a doubt, is amazed and asked again, "You're really pregnant?" and Kristen says, "Yeah!"
He then looked at her cue cards and the home pregnancy test results, then, literally, jumped for joy.
The couple told their parents about the good news before posting it to YouTube.
The video went viral a day after posting, and the Williams are waiting for the baby's birth next June.
Cory said he can't watch the video without crying.
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