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article imageRomance author discusses novels and feature film Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 26, 2018 in Lifestyle
Romance author Faleena Hopkins chatted with Digital Journal about her upcoming feature film, her books, and inspiration to write romance novels.
"I write sexy novels about a loyal family from Atlanta, Georgia that have more than their fair share of humor," Hopkins said. "Each features a family member from their point of view and everyone keeps reappearing. Someone's story from three books ago will pop up and readers get the fun of discovering what happened during that time, or seeing their favorite characters change the lives of their current character's novel. The series has 19 novels in two years with still more family members to learn about. It has been an absolute blast to write, and I am very blessed that readers have made it such a hit. Once you read two or three, you feel you're a part of them, like they're your family."
When asked about how she got into romance, Hopkins said, "I have always been a sucker for romance and love, ever since I was a little girl. It wasn't until I realized I had a knack for telling a good love story, that I gave it a whirl. At first. I wrote behind a pen name, Sabrina Lacey, but when I started doing well, a fellow actress friend of mine suggested I come out of the steamy-romance-writing-closet. Extremely glad I did that. It has been very fun to be able to talk with my fans as me and be completely free with that."
Oh her inspirations, she said, "What inspires me is how people overcome personal failings in order to have the life they want. One of the things I often hear is that my books feel so real. I tell about how to balance the strongest and weakest parts of ourselves. Honesty in communication, passion in the bedroom, loyalty of the heart to oneself and to others — these are constantly reappearing in my themes."
She revealed that a feature film is being made. "Right now, we are shooting a feature film I wrote four years ago. Anyone who has ever bought a Cocker Brothers novel helped fund this movie, and I am so grateful to you, if you are reading this interview and you are one of those. The film is a love story drama not based on any of my novels — completely new — and I know my fan-base will love it, but it's not just for women (nor are my books). This script has made grown men cry," she said.
Hopkins' advice for entrepreneurs is as follows: "My best advice for entrepreneurs is when you become successful, expect some people to get really pissed off about that. Stay away from them. Keep at it. Trust yourself. Take risks. Be brave. Strike hard. When you fail, learn, do it better the next time. The most successful people in the world failed many times, they just didn't give up when they did."
On her future plans, she said, "When this film is wrapped, my editor and I will shape it into its final story. The composer will create music just for it. The team will send it to festivals. We’ll celebrate. And all the while I’ll be writing and publishing Cocker Brothers, Cocky novels because I'm addicted to them. The next project besides those? Probably a movie about the Cockers. I think that needs to be told."
For her fans, she concluded, "I want my fans to know that I think they're amazing. I want to thank them for making the Cocker Family as real to them as it is to me, for coming along with me on this wild family's ride. I want them to know that I will keep writing this series past all the cousins, and yes, Ben is getting his own novel. Don't you worry."
To learn more about romance author Faleena Hopkins, check out her official website.
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