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article imageOp-Ed: Book says Secret Service consider Hilary Clinton 'a punishment' Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Jul 12, 2016 in Lifestyle
While it may seem as a rehashing of his book, "In The President's Secret Service" investigative reporter Ronald Kessler's 2014 book "The First Family Detail" describes former First Lady Hilary Clinton as "a punishment" to work with for the Secret Service.
This reporter tried to get Kessler to explain why he felt it necessary in essence, to repeat much of what he had written in the previous book, "In The President's Secret Service," published in 2009. He would not say in particular, only for me to refer to the press release about "The First Family Detail." Some have found flaws in Kessler's "The First Family Detail" book. Among them are Marc Ambinder of 'The Week.' He claims there are eight inaccuracies.
I was disappointed that Kessler, a former Washington Post investigative reporter, would not provide more detail to my simple question. The two books read so much alike that I got the impression that the only logical reason was because presidential elections would be in the spotlight. There is a five-year gap between the two books. And since our presidential election cycle is every four years, that thought crossed my mind.
Still, Kessler insisted there is more in "First Family Detail" then in "In The President's Secret Service." More scandal-type of behavior, which has been revealed before. Marital infidelities, credibility issues of conduct, etc. These are the things that supermarket tabloids are filled with. Yet, as he told Fox News, C-Span and others in TV interviews during the book's initial release two years ago, "it is nonpartisan, there are flattering and not-flattering" descriptions of the people spotlighted. Kessler likes to probe complicated things such as the Secret Service, The White House, The FBI, CIA, etc. The challenge has spurred him on to compose over 20 books since he left the Washington Post in the 1980s.
As for Hilary Clinton, Kessler keeps the non-flattering aspect sharply in focus. How interesting that his book highlights this just as the former First Lady and Secretary of State is seeking election to the Presidency of the United States. No doubt the issue of Hilary's emails is one thing Kessler sees as very serious for the American people to consider and not dismiss from deeper inspection.
Investigations by the FBI that began last year stated that Hilary Clinton was "extremely careless" in her handling of her email system. And while the FBI recommended no charges be filed, experts, members of Congress and others say she violated State Department protocols and procedures. Kessler believes that the use of Clinton's personal email system for maters of National importance and 'top secret' type of confidentiality is a serious matter.
So, I asked Kessler. In light of the Hilary Clinton email situation, would the Secret Service have known about it? And if so, what recourse would they have if they wanted to alert someone? Or would the Secret Service be aware of such things involving email and correspondences?
"They would probably be aware that she kept a server in he basement of her home in Chappaqua," he said. "But would know nothing about what it was used for."
Everything else mentioned about Hilary in terms of how she treats staff can be viewed along the lines of "he said, she said," type of banter. Apart from any testimony, where is the tangible proof of such behavior? Are there any video recordings of what goes on behind closed doors at the White House or at the Clinton home in Chappaqua? Besides, as some political analysts point out, are not most women in positions of power seen as a tyrant more so then men in those same positions?
Still, Kessler mentions the Whitewater real estate investigation and brings up the lingering questions of the circumstances involved with the suicide of White House deputy council Vincent Foster back in 1993. That was when Bill Clinton was President and Hilary was a very politically active First Lady. Kessler claims that former FBI agent Coy Copeland noted "Hilary put him (Vince Foster) down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting. She told him that he didn't get the picture (on the healthcare legislation) and that he would always be a little hick-town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time."
Kessler says in the book, that based upon what he gathered, Hillary went so far as to blame Foster for all of the Clinton's problems (in the White House) and considered Foster a failure. Kessler also notes that former FBI supervisor agent Jim Clemente said that "Foster was profoundly depressed. But Hilary lambasting him was the final straw because she publicly embarrassed him in front of others."
More than 20 years have passed since that time. But to this day more questions remain. While Kessler did not go into extensive details as others have, bringing the allegations to light again does call out for pondering and discernment. Would Hilary make a good U.S. president? Should the American public pay closer attention to the email controversy, despite the fact that last week on July 6, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that charges against Clinton would not be filed?
Kessler believes that Hilary Clinton's contempt for her Secret Service detail and other staff is a very important clue to one's character. This reporter reached out to Col. Michael Madison who had met Hilary Clinton to ask if he had heard anything of her rudeness to Secret Service and staff. "Absolutely I have, he said. But, she was very respectful to me however. A photo of Col. Madison meeting then Secretary of State Clinton some time ago, is posted on his Facebook page.
Kessler also writes that other presidents and people in power have had little regard for those who serve them. The public image being completely different than the reality behind closed doors, Kessler wants to alert the public to think past the images and appearances and look at the reality.
For more information about "The First Family Detail" and Ronald Kessler, visit his website.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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