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article imageManhattan author discusses 'Mistress Suffragette' book, sequel Special

By Markos Papadatos     Jun 11, 2018 in Lifestyle
Manhattan author Diana Forbes chatted with Digital Journal about her latest book "Mistress Suffragette." She also opened up about the effects of technology and industrialization during the era of her book.
Fans of such authors as Margaret Atwood, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jane Austen will enjoy this historical romance that captivates the senses.
Forbes was drawn to historical fiction since "history has held a special place" in her heart. "I inherited a box of photographs and letters from my ancestors, who lived during the same time period that my novel covers. Their untold stories, loves, and lives are part of the fabric of the book," she said.
The author also discussed technology during this era in time. "My novel explores the dark side of Industrialization. The railroads were overbuilt. There was a panic. People lost their jobs and their livelihoods. People did not communicate instantly, the way they do today, but newspapers provided daily news accounts, and in the cities, the congestion created a community where news traveled quickly from person to person. On another note, the move towards athleticism and bicycling led to looser-fitting, more comfortable apparel," she explained.
On the progress of the women's suffrage movement, she said, "There are several aspects of the women's suffrage movement, which include getting the vote, the Temperance movement, equal pay for equal work, and the movement toward more comfortable, less restrictive clothing. My novel delves into the Rational Dress Movement. Corsets were very constrictive and uncomfortable: there was a desperate need for lighter and more breathable clothing. One woman, Amelia Bloomer, was practically an outcast for trying to bring women's trousers into fashion at the time. I address many of these issues in my novel."
She added, "In terms of the movement's progress, it took decades to achieve some of the movement's goals. People tend to think of the women's movement as a monolithic push, but there were various factions who fought for different goals."
Mistress Suffragette is a divine story that is empowering almost as much as it inspires. When asked what inspires her, Forbes said, "I like to think of myself as an archaeologist, digging for the remnants of stories that need to be told. I like to pore through old letters, notes, photographs, and other memorabilia from years past. Often, there is a truth that bears retelling," she said.
Forbes continued, "My heroine is navigating the challenges of a career, trying to balance that with her quest to find love," she said. "To me, this is a journey that many woman face. It is difficult, but it is also timeless. Some aspects of nineteenth century city life made the journey harder then it is today, but some aspects made it very similar."
The Manhattan author revealed that there is a sequel in the works. "I had so much fun writing the first novel, and fell in love with the characters. I am continuing to tell their stories in the sequel, and I have several new characters as well. Stay tuned," she hinted.
Forbes also shared her favorite restaurant that her readers should check out when they visit New York. "I love visiting all the vintage buildings in New York City. Its history has always been a passion of mine, and a great inspiration for my writing. As far as a favorite restaurant, I love this small French bistro in Manhattan called Quatorze. It is French for fourteen, but it is on 79th Street. On the wall they display covers of books. I love to walk in and stare at all the beautiful book covers. I am delighted to say that Mistress Suffragette is now on their wall," she said.
Mistress Suffragette is available on Amazon.
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