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article imageDaniel Palmier and the new breed of business philanthropists are reinvigorating America

America has a long and proud history of philanthropy by her most successful sons and daughters. Some of the most illustrious names celebrated in the Philanthropy Round Table’s Hall of Fame are recognized and celebrated across the globe.
But in a modern world we are told is increasingly selfish and materialistic, where are the givers of tomorrow?
Rebuilding a Culture of Philanthropy
The financial crash of 2007 tarnished many reputations and did untold damage to the business and financial industries. With leading analysts warning of new economic stagnation across the world, we are more aware than ever of how tight money is. But now a new breed of philanthropic entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the world of business, and their acts of generosity are making a lasting impact on the lives of people across America.
While the race to the White House dominates headlines in the U.S. and around the globe, the candidates’ overused promises to "make America great again" are beginning to sound hollow. Beyond the soundbites and jargon, beneath the notice of the television cameras, millions work tirelessly to provide for their families and hold their faith in the American Dream. More important than the rhetoric is what goes on in real life, and this is where some business leaders are making the greatest impact.
Giving Back More Than They’ve Taken Out
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made headlines last year when he announced he was celebrating the birth of his first child by donating 99 percent of his shares in the social media network to charitable causes. Valued at more than $45 million, this was just one act of generosity among the many being carried out by business leaders across the country.
Charity has been a top priority for many high-profile entrepreneurs, perhaps most notably with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fighting malaria or Napster co-founder Sean Parker’s Charity: Water, which works to fund clean water projects across Africa and the developing world.
For the business leaders who establish these philanthropic organisations, this is about so much more than good publicity and building a legacy – this is personal. For the new breed of business philanthropists, giving is about making a positive social impact, about changing lives and, they would say, changing the world for the better.
A New Frontier for Philanthropy
Among these pioneering business philanthropists is Daniel Palmier, CEO of UC Funds and one of the leading innovators in real estate funding. He established The Palmier Foundation in 2014 with the aim of putting his many years of experience to good use, maximising profits he can then distribute between charities he feels are doing the best work.
Focusing not only on local but national and international programs, The Palmier Foundation supports Judeo-Christian charities working in health, the arts and education.
“I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to create and grow businesses in this country. I believe in the American dream,” Palmier says. “I feel very fortunate to have this great country where we are free to do whatever we want.”
A Land of Opportunity for Philanthropists
From humble beginnings, Palmier has climbed to the top of the tree through hard work and sheer force of character.
“My forefathers came from Europe with a dream of a better life for us,” he explains. “They worked and sacrificed. My parents worked four jobs to raise our family and put us through school – the first generation to go to college.”
Daniel Palmier is grateful for the opportunities America has given him, and this fuels his desire to “analyze and pursue the greatest and most immediate of needs”. When selecting his staff, Palmier looks for only the brightest and most dedicated professionals in the real estate industry, those he says have the drive and “thirst for ambition” which keeps them motivated to serve the community.
He believes that the key to success in real estate finance is not only balancing risk and reward, but showing you genuinely care about your customers and your staff. “We protect our investors’ capital,” he explains. “We watch every ‘nickel and dime’. We have all the technology and experience available, but we take care of our customers like an old-fashioned local bank. We are unique.”
Brighter Futures, Better Lives
As well as being inspired by the determination and hard work of his parents, Daniel Palmier still has faith in politicians and others in the business community to change lives.
“I am hopeful that we will elect leaders that believe in re-energizing the American Dream, grow the middle class, make our tax system more fair, fix healthcare and social security, grow the economy, promote education, technology and environmental sustainability.”
Like Carnegie, Getty and Peabody before him, Daniel Palmier’s belief that philanthropic giving changes lives drives him on to ever greater things. In the hands of this new breed of business philanthropist, America is being rebuilt and reinvigorated.
“Giving is not a choice,” Palmier concludes. “It’s an obligation.”
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