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article imageMany Americans relying on marijuana as sleep aid

By Tim Sandle     Nov 20, 2019 in Health
How far is the typical person willing to go for a better night’s sleep? A new survey from Sleep Cycle identifies the proportion of people using sleeping pills, and other means, such as marijuana, in order to nod off.
According to new survey data from Sleep Cycle, 21 percent of U.S. citizens rely on marijuana for a good night’s sleep. This is reflective of the liberalization of the drug across many parts of the nation. Just bubbling below various forms of cannabis come alcohol, where 20 percent of those polled say they are reliant upon alcohol in order to feel sufficiently relaxed in order to get to sleep. However, it remains that the main way that people, who find it difficult to doze off naturally, try to get to sleep is through the use of sleeping pills.
The main ways that people who suffer with insomnia attempt to get to sleep are:
Melatonin (42%)
Sleeping pills (37%)
Marijuana (21%)
Alcohol (20%)
The U.S. national survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults was conducted online by Propeller Insights for Sleep Aid.
Insomnia is a problem affecting a large number of people. The sleeplessness condition is typically followed by daytime sleepiness, low energy, irritability, and a depressed mood.
The survey reveals that those who take sleeping pills are not keen to do so. The poll indicates that 51 percent of people reported they attempted to quit sleep aids, due to poor results and negative associations with various substances. The downside of taking sleeping pills, was shown to be with the fact that 47 percent have slept through an alarm after taking a sleeping pill. Furthermore, 26 percent reported that they think sleeping pills are “bad” sleep aids.
It also stands that people's views on taking cannabis or resorting to alcohol are also of concern. The polls finds that 33 percent of drug users feel bad about marijuana. Furthermore, 42 percent of those polled classify alcohol as a “bad” sleep aid.
As alternatives, Sleep Cycle recommends programs based on natural relaxation techniques, such as its new Sleep Cycle Sleep Aid program which is designed it easier for users to fall asleep naturally with a broad array of music and sound effects, poetry, relaxation guides, and stories.
According to Sleep Cycle's Andreas Roman: "Sleep Cycle offers an entire world of narrative and guiding content, with music production and soundscapes tailor-made for our users. We composed, wrote, produced and recorded this material ourselves, with talent from across the globe. You won’t find these solutions anywhere else.”
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