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article imageAI comes to dentistry: The smart toothbrush

By Tim Sandle     Mar 23, 2018 in Health
FOREO, a Swedish company has debuted the ISSALEXA, an artificially intelligent toothbrush that offers user support by analyzing saliva to detect nerves, anxiousness, stress and other emotional sensitivities.
In addition to the vital signs analysis, the ISSALEXA implements speech technology and artificial intelligence to emotionally and smartly support its owner when it detects abnormalities, providing real time words of encouragement and feedback to the owner of the smart toothbrush.
FOREO have been developing their ISSA collection in recent years. The Swedish company fuse technology with health and beauty products. The ISSA collection is the company's range of electric toothbrushes. The higher-end products use sonic pulse technology to improve the user brushing experience. This technology, powered by an electromagnetic pulse drive, is designed to increase the number and consistency of brush strokes per minute. Variety reports that the second generation ISSA 2 was featured onboard the Star Trek Discovery set in the year 2364.
The ISSALEXA has been designed with what the manufacture calls "lifestyle support intelligence". The device will advise and speak to its owner, using information derived by analyzing saliva. This enables the toothbrush to provide "emotional and life support" to the user, either for the day ahead or prior to retiring to bed.
ISSALEXA  an artificially intelligent toothbrush.
ISSALEXA, an artificially intelligent toothbrush.
By this:
Stress level detection
The toothbrush is designed to analyze anxiousness and stress. This is based on research that shows when people are displaying stress, the mouth becomes abnormally dry (a condition known xerostomia). ISSALEXA can detect this and offer words of encouragement.
Emotional support
The device is designed to be "emotionally sensitive". Analysis of saliva, when there appeared to be an imbalance of the stress hormone cortisol, suggests people may be feeling down. Again the device can detect this an offer vocalized support.
Missed teeth cleaning sessions
The toothbrush is pre-programmed with the user's brushing routine. By learning this ISSALEXA can determine if the user has missed their oral regime and forgot to brush their teeth. Again, the toothbrush will verbalize this.
Summarizing the advantages of an artificial intelligence equipped toothbrush, Paul Peros, CEO of FOREO International, said in a message to Digital Journal: “We were founded on innovation and it is at the very heart of everything we do from our R&D Institute in Sweden. All of our products combine technology and innovation and we are now taking that to the next level in the beauty landscape by adding artificial intelligence and speech technology to our newest products."
He adds: "This brings the very best of oral care devices as well as offering our customers the added extra of no hold barred emotional support when it is detected that they need a boost.”
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