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article imageHow to set up Facebook friends/groups

By Larry Clifton     Feb 22, 2016 in Internet
Facebook world mirrors the real world: it’s entirely possible that a few of your “friends” will not fully appreciate or except the nuances of your viewpoint on every topic.
For example, your college roommate might comment “LOL; still crazy”after you post that short clip of you doing shooters on a bartop last Sunday night before you called in sick the next day. Almost certainly, your boss would have a different reaction. Unlike the real world, your Facebook activity can be compartmentalized into groups of friends that share only narrow interests with you. This FB list function is especially helpful in posts that are political, deeply personal or flavored with animosity, satire or profundities that might offend the sensitivities of socially fragile Facebook friends or family members. The list function, put simply, allies you to choose which "friends" hear and see specific posts.
How FB Lists Work
A FB list is basically a private setting that allows you to target posting content you share with specific groups, denying mutual friends of an ex or a business competitor from access to private details of your life. Lists also allow us to be politically incorrect and to exclude politically sensitive friends from posts that set them off.
In the world of Facebook, just like in the real world, not everything you say is intended for everyone you know. Sure, your college roommate might appreciate that slightly off-color meme, but your mother and your boss might not. Fortunately, Facebook has a list function that allows you to organize your friends list into neat little boxes. Now you can share your kids’ photos and your somewhat inappropriate ruminations with the right people.
Basically, When you post to a list, only the people on that list can see what you’ve posted and you can check to see which of your friends can see which of your posts. Facebook shows you the view of specific users so that you can be sure a friend doesn’t see a post you didn’t intend for them to see. Below is the process, it doesn’t take long and it isn’t too complicated:
1. Log in to Facebook.
2. On the left-hand side bar, look for the section called “Friends.”
3. Hover over that box and the word “More” will appear. Click on “More.”
4. At the top of the new page, there will be a button reading “+ Create List.” Click on that.
5. A pop-up will appear allowing you to name the list and add people to it. Go ahead and take care of that. Don’t worry if you get everyone in. We’re not done yet.
6. Navigate back to the page you used to set up your friends list.
7. Find the list you just created. If this is your first list, it should be pretty easy to find.
8. On the right-hand toolbar, find “See All.” Click that.
9. A pop-up will appear. At the upper left-hand corner there’s a drop-down menu. You can use that to select between people on the list and all your friends. This is the easiest way to add and remove people from the list. If a check mark and a blue border surround the image, the person is on the list. Otherwise, they’re not.
If you need further assistance on managing Facebook lists click here.Your computer savvy friends have probably already set up list groups. The process is much easier than it seems. After your first list, set up becomes easy. You can send posts out to multiple lists at the same time and when you add or remove someone from the list, they can see everything that has been posted on that specific list.
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