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article imageGoogle Feud turns strange autocomplete results into a game

By Michael Thomas     Mar 16, 2015 in Internet
The new game sweeping the Internet is testing users on how well they can tap into the Web's hivemind. Google Feud has users try to complete a search result with the most popular suggestions.
Google's search suggestions can sometimes be bizarre — for instance, when typing "why is," a suggested search was "why is my poop green" at one point — and now a new game is putting users to the test to see how well they know the Internet. Think of Google Feud as the Internet equivalent of Family Feud.
The game is divided into four categories: Culture, People, Questions and Names. The player is then presented with part of a search query, like "is there such a a thing as a" or "the iphone 6 is." Players then need to fill in answers they think will be the most popular search terms.
Just like in Family Feud, players have three guesses before they have to move onto the next round. There are 10 slots for the most popular answers, starting with 10,000 points, though not all categories have 10 answers.
As TechCrunch points out, there are a few limitations to the game. While the TV show that inspired Google Feud allows similar answers to get points, players have to be precise to score points on this game. So putting "awful" instead of "horrible" won't pass.
The game was created by Justin Hook, a script coordinator for 27 episodes of Bob's Burgers and a writer on DreamWorks Dragons.
The game has gone viral over the last few days, with some users posting interesting results:
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