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Anything that makes you pause and say holy crap!
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Top five U.S. filibusters

UPDATE: CSPAN ‏@cspan .@SenRandPaul #filibuster #filiblizzard lasted 12hrs 52min (11:47am - 12:39am ET). As the...
Mar 6, 2013 by Tim O'Brien

A new meaning to the word Whopper

Japan is adding bacon to the Burger King's Whopper..and what a whopper it is. My cholesterol level and blood pressure...
Apr 19, 2012 by Tim O'Brien - 1 comment

Plenty Of New Laws To Go Around In Illinois

When looking at a any list of new laws, wonder to yourself how much time was put into these. Meanwhile, the...
Dec 31, 2011 by Tim O'Brien

Truth About Mistletoe and Other Christmas Nuggets

In a nutshell, and I'm not talking about "The Nutcracker" on this, let's delve into a few Christmas nuggets that you...
Dec 20, 2011 by Tim O'Brien

Tidbits by Tim

- No way was George Washington standing on that boat when it went to the other side. Standing up, what the? Wow, he...
Dec 18, 2011 by Tim O'Brien - 2 comments
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