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article imageThe band Kopps talks about new single 'Baby, I'm Dead Inside' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Oct 17, 2018 in Music
Rochester- based group, Kopps, chatted with Digital Journal about their new single "Baby, I'm Dead Inside," and they spoke about the digital transformation of the music industry.
On their single, "Baby, I'm Dead Inside," they said, " It is really a song about being over love and feeling very disconnected from it. Being in a toxic relationship can sometimes bring out the very worst in you and make you into a person you don't necessarily know or even like. That is at the root of the concept for this song. The video and the idea of ‘Goth Dad’ was something we cooked up long before the song existed, .but we had to wait for the perfect time to utilize the concept. When the song was born, we knew it was a perfect match."
Regarding their future plans, they said, "We will be releasing new music and a new video before the year's end, and we have more music coming out in the New Year. There will be some live entertainment will likely be supporting the tunes as well in 2019."
On the musical inspirations, Kopps said, "The way in which society is built is naturally meant to restrict us. I think we want to represent, through our music and live show. Do not apologize for your choices, work to build bravery around following through with those choices. A fan being themselves at one of our shows for an hour is what inspires our music."
They listed Missy Elliot, Charli XCX, and the late music star Prince among their list of dream collaboration choices.
For emerging bands and groups, they encouraged them to not give up. "If you believe in your project and people seem to like it, keep going. It takes a long time to get off the ground in today’s environment. Being a popular independent artist is now possible, so don't stop til' you get enough," they said.
Digital transformation of the music industry
On the impact of technology on the music business, the band said, "Things have become harder and much easier at the same time. It has never been easier to be an independent artist and get your music out there. Streaming services can be very helpful with that. It has also never been so easy to disappear into the endless abyss of people doing the same thing as you. I think it used to take more grit to really get out there before the Internet."
They continued, "Now musicians can be exposed very quickly with little work, creating a really saturated environment. The Internet has certainly stunted our attention span on a mass level as well. Everyone is always consuming, everything is really fast, and becomes “old” more quickly than ever. Lastly, a lot of musicians don’t really make any money until they are megastars these days."
On their use of technology in their daily routine as musicians, they said, "We interact with fans via social media a lot. It's a place for us to express our humor and personalities, which is cool. Our music is electronically based as well, so we use it in all of our live set stuff constantly."
For their fans, they concluded that "Baby, I'm Dead Inside" is based on a true story.
To learn more about Kopps, check out their Facebook page.
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